News with Thanks

I want to begin with Thanks.

The Goodreads Giveaway was a success and I thank all 630 people who entered! I am humbled by so many interested parties. The winners were chosen and are from Florida, Texas and Minnesota. I’m mailing your books on Saturday!

The other great part about the giveaway is that I gained a lot of folks who added me to their “to read” list – over 250! That’s just amazing.

Overall, the giveaway experience was wonderful. I plan to add my name to others’ giveaways and see if I can’t win an autographed book or two myself!


Now, the News!

I found out Monday that Paper Bones is a 2014 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Finalist! Out of 1900 books of poetry, I am one of only 6 finalists! That’s just fantastic!

From the finalists, winners will be judged, based on possible scores. They give out gold/silver/bronze and honorable mentions. It all depends on the overall score I receive whether I win a medal or not. But I’m honored to have done so well!

I hear tell that there is a HUGE award ceremony in Miami in November that coincides with the big Miami International Book Fair. I’m told that Finalists are recognized, so no matter what happens, I plan on going. I just can’t believe it.

So there you go. Its a good day all around! Here’s the sticker for the Finalists!

Readers' Favorite Int'l Book Award Finalist

Finally, just a bit of business. My Author’s facebook url has changed. Having both my timeline and my page be the same name was confusing. So you can reach me at my author page:

Don’t forget I’m on Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn too!


I haven’t forgotten my promise to you. Changes ARE coming. Soon now. I don’t want to move the furniture until I’m absolutely certain. You can sign up for notices and then you won’t miss out when it happens.

Thank you for your support!

Goodreads Giveaway!

Starting tomorrow, I’m kicking off a Goodread’s Giveaway in honor of the upcoming one year anniversary of Paper Bones! One year! Whoosh!  I hope you will enter and tell your friends!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Paper Bones by Sherry Rentschler

Paper Bones

by Sherry Rentschler

Giveaway ends July 16, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Time for something new

I confess.  I’m one of these people who once the furniture is set in the living room is content to leave it untouched until I die. For the most part. I may add or remove a bookcase, change out a chair when replaced by new or add a different lamp. Change curtains, surely. But the big stuff? Nah.

And then you move. That gives you a chance to change everything. People who come to visit you, those who’ve known you a while, exclaim “oh look what you’ve done!” Mostly shock speaking, of course, given that they’ve never seen your things in any other pattern than the previous one. Stop laughing!

Okay, I don’t know if this makes me a careful planner, set in my ways, rigid and anal, or simply less worried about change than other folks — but I do feel now is a time to think about change and change the furniture.

I dislike Summer. No. That’s a lie. I truly despise Summer. I loved it when I was a kid, naturally. Bikes and roller skates and pogo sticks! Long, lazy days in the grass guessing cloud shapes, waiting for the ice cream truck. Ah, summer. Well thank you global warming. Now it is let-me-get-my-errands-done-before-10am-0r-melt days. I’ve never fared well in the heat. I burn so fast you can literally see it happen. I’m allergic to grass seed. The point is that during this time of the grass cutting heat wave called Summer, I am concentrating on writing and I’m feeling like it is time to rearrange the furniture.

The web furniture, that is.

So fair warning travelers and friends!  This place is going to be changing. Not sure into what because I’m only now playing with the furniture. I need new curtains, a new nook and a reading corner. Feels weird to think of change, but I’m excited now. Expect the unexpected. Soon. This current place might even go offline while I change it. I’ll let you know when.

What else would a dark fantasy writer/poet tell you? Oh, I know!

Don’t look behind you!


Leave the lights on.


Something is coming between the lines….


Worse! (here is where you shiver a little with me)

What’s worse than something wicked? (Oh don’t sound so incredulous!)


Reader’s Favorite!

More delightful news to share with you!

Today I found out that I received a Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Review on Paper Bones!!!

I am so proud, honored and humbled. Okay, dang it, I cried too. Big croc tears of joy.

So now in addition to the NIEA Finalist stickers, I will have beautiful silver 5 Star review stickers for my books.  I’ll show you what it looks like after both stickers are affixed. That way if you get stickers from me, you’ll know where I’m placing them.

Alright everyone, let’s do some happy dancing!!

5 Stars for Paper Bones!

5 Stars for Paper Bones!

I’ve won an award!

A very happy good morning to all of you! Take a big drink of that coffee because I have a delightful announcement.

This morning I learned I am a

in the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards!

I'm an award winner!

I’m an award winner!

I’m very honored and delighted to achieve this award because not only does it highlight my work but I confess, it helps validate my efforts. The award is for excellence in self publishing both in design and content. I’ll be getting stickers for the cover! They look like this:

For the Book Cover!

For the Book Cover!

This prestigious honor means so much.  I am going to do some happy dancing for a little while.

So, this is me, your award-winning author, saying thank you so much for your continued support. I am very, very grateful. Celebrate with me! Wheeee!

I love you, Mother

My beautiful Mother

My beautiful Mother

Today, I’m remembering my mother, a true lady, a woman of integrity, honor, sensitivity and fun. She loved the taste of lemon, sewing (a talent and skill she developed in my youth), children, traveling, nice clothes (she used to wear gloves and hats and had the best shoes), and family (youngest of 8 children). She was sickly when small, took medicine most of her childhood, had a black cat named Inky, was a tomboy who loved to climb trees, loved a boy named Bill when she was in high school.

Mom joined the service after high school, met my dad while they were both in the Air Force, worked civil service after they got married, had me, and stayed home with me to be a full-time mom. She came to all my school events, worked in the PTA, was a Girl Scout leader, watched my concert choir solos, read my homework, met my boyfriends (disapproved of most of them), gave me my love of reading, taught me to jitterbug, to cook, to sing (we did duets), to play the piano (I was never very good but she tried), played dolls with me, watched me dance, roller-skate and finally get married (she was at the first one, unhappy. She was at the last one, joyous). There were many sad days in her life and yet she always found a way to make lemonade when times were tough. Maybe that came from being born during the Depression when you learned to “make do.” It was a lesson I learned and never really knew I knew it until I truly grew up.

She was there (with my Dad and sister) when I left the enlisted ranks and received my commission in the Air Force; and she was with me the day I officially retired from the service.

She rolled my hair in orange juice cans before my senior prom, hung on the Christmas tree all my stupid artsy-craftsy stuff I made in Elementary school, she corrected my punctuation for every research paper and listened to every word of every silly thing I ever wrote. When it was time to work the mascara, we stood side by side in the mirror with our heads tipped back and eyelashes down and laughed as I tried to stab myself with the mascara wand. I was 15. She was delightful.

We were never really “friends” until the last decade of her life, I’m sorry to say. But she was always the Mother to whom I could ask about how to roast a turkey, or sew a button. We clashed and frustrated each other. And I worshipped her more than she knew.

Mother's Plaquesm

The last gift I ever gave her was a Mother’s Day Plaque that depicted a child’s hand holding a woman’s fingers. It was 2007, I was 53, Mom was 76. I’d been feeling very sentimental about Mother for some months. Did some part of me sense what was coming? I don’t know but she died a month later, quite suddenly (it was the night before my sister’s birthday, forever altering her life as well as mine).  I was days from visiting.

I think she knew how much I loved her. I hope she did. I can’t cook a turkey, wear a hat, put on mascara or take photos of trees that I don’t see her in my mind.

Late Spring days bring to mind the Saturdays when we neighborhood kids would be out and about, riding our bikes, pogo sticking, mud pie making or just whispering secrets. The sun would start to dip low and we could see parents (mostly fathers) pulling into driveways all around us. Then would come the call. “Sher-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee.”

The wind would blow her melodic alto voice around the neighborhood houses, through the trees, the leaves would rustle, my hair would lift.  My head would snap up, I’d jump up and I would begin to run.  “I’m coming!” I would yell in my wildest, loudest voice, legs pumping with energy and urgency to prevent her from worrying should I be late.

And then I would be home. Home. Safe in my Mother’s arms and getting a hug and a smile, wrapped in love.

I love you, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day.

New Press Release for book!

My book, Paper Bones, will be shown by my publisher at the 2014 Book Expo America in New York City, May 29-31, featured in the New Title Showcase. I’m very excited about this because the BEA is the largest book trade fair in the country, with agents, publishers, media, book sellers, bookstores and other authors attending from around the world! And the New Title Showcase gets major attention with only a limited number of titles (around 1000); more, this year the showcase will be on the ground floor next to the author signings! This increases the visibility by the normal foot traffic ten-fold.

Today, in preparation of this event now only three weeks away, a new press release hit the wires. Here is a link if you’d like to see (and it is helpful to read if you are doing your own PR or helping your publishing company with words for you).

The book’s been out for ten months but you never stop with your PR.  Advertising and promotion is an exhausting and ongoing responsibility.

By the way, if you’ve picked up your copy of Paper Bones, I thank you and hope you’ll leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, I hope you’ll consider getting a copy. I do think you’ll like it, even if poetry isn’t your “thing.” You might be pleasantly surprised.

And just so you’ll know, I’m hard at work on final edits of another book of poetry hoping to be out in the fall. Vampire lovers can rejoice – – this one will be for you!  And I’ll be following that up with a vampire novel. Sneak peeks to come!

Yours Between the Lines,

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