Slow progress

This blog challenges me because I have to read all the support info with all the “how-to’s.”  I’m so used to a plug-n-play mindset that having to learn again is rather fun but slows me waaay down.  Must learn widgets and prepare other pages, too. Cripies, scooby-kids!  Its very much like building a whole web site!

What I really want to do is write. Just write. But as usual I must attend to other things first. I’ve completed my Daily  (a daily post I created on Twitter), posted some obligatory follow Fridays (also Twitter), must get the laundry going, hit the vacuum, and polish some furniture.  Before I can even sit down to quiet, this blog summons my attention.  

Writers speak of excuses and yes, I’m not different.  I will MAKE time but first I must make a hole IN time.  And this blog is still secret….getting impatient to show it but I will wait a bit more.

UPDATE: Nov 22:  After much hair pulling it seems I am nearly ready to open this blog.  I will need to notify those who have links here.  One question – how do I get the border from around my picture (with link) and my Twitter link?  I know that when you have alt text this may cause it but I removed the alt text….so….what do I do?  I hope to have this gone by Monday. Hard at work…

Also, need to work out guest editorials. I believe I will have to post those myself after invites.  Not sure I want everyone as a contributor when I really only want a true “guest author editorial.”  Suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Slow progress

  1. Sherry says:

    Ah, yes I know about the designations of “contributor…editor…etc.” But given that I didn’t see how I could restrict it to a certain page, and given that the Guest page is static, I wasn’t sure how I could pull it off. I was considering the “contributed by” concept. It’s just that I have seen guest pages at other places and was curious how to work that to the way *I* wanted it. Maybe this particular version is a block too.

    So my mentor, contacting the theme creator is a great idea. I will do that and maybe he will tell me what I might do. On any other html I can correct that border. Arrgh!

    As for guest blogging, well now you KNOW that an invite is going to be coming. I have been toying with a topic suggestion too. More on that later, obiwan! And thank you!

  2. Melonie says:

    Ah, technical matters! Alright, well, the borders around your images (all your images in the sidebar actually) seem to be a quirk of the template you are using. I’m not sure how you can access these things, since hosted blogs cannot have access to CSS without a paid account. That is in itself part of the reason why I’ve considered moving my WP to my domain name ( see for my play site there). Some templates have little quirky things that you just can’t edit unless you’re hosting on your own space. You might try emailing the template author and seeing if there is an update or work around for it.

    As for the guest editorials, say, for instance, you deign to allow me to write one for you some day (which I would love to do, by the way): you could set me up as a user since I’m already signed up as a WordPress community member. You can decide whether to add me as a Contributor, Administrator, Editor, or Author, and I would be able to log in and post something. I think you can even restrict their privileges to just the Guest Editorials page you have made — but not sure, will have to try it myself.
    But if you just want to keep it very simple you can always just add a note at the end of the spot saying “Editorial contributed by _______________”

    Isn’t it all very exciting?

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