3-2-1 Hi and Welcome!

Here I go!  The new blog goes live today and I’m nervous.  I hope to generate excitement and interest.  My goal:  to update at least three days a week.

First thoughts:  I’m a traditionalist.  I like the holiday traditions my parents created and maintained and I like the comfort and warm those same traditions bring to me now.  I lost my father in ’99 and my mother in ’07.  I have a sister but we do not live close  to one another; therefore, it falls to me to maintain the memory and joy of the traditions my mother established.

The holidays (actually beginning with Halloween) are the best representation of these traditions. Understanding the meaning of treat-or-treat and then dressing up and greeting each house with a riddle or joke ready is just one thing that seems separate from others around me.  My mother believed if you participated in something, you did so with knowledge for the reason for it.  Same went for Thanksgiving and Christmas.   So this week as I prepare for Christmas decorations and Thanksgiving dinner, traditions are my focus and in the forefront of my thoughts.  I meet these thoughts with reverence for my missing parents but also with a sense of security and joy knowing I was given a strong roots where I have built my life and forged new traditions on old.

More on these as the days move forward.  I’d love to hear about the traditions you carefully keep. And I hope that everyone will find something in my new “home” to entice, delight or provoke.  Words are a joy and when combined with thoughts, are a tease to be shared!  Let us use them to each others betterment.

As for me,  I can already smell the pumpkin pie and the simmering potpourri on the stove.  The holidays are calling.  Yes, Mom, I’m coming…

7 thoughts on “3-2-1 Hi and Welcome!

  1. Mary Deal says:

    I just read my message. Nothing like a typo from a writer, right?

  2. Mary Deal says:

    Wow, Sherry. This blog has so much info it reads like a Web site. Great that you are doing a blog, and then you for linking to my site. Too, am anxious to read your novel excerpts. I certainly remember your poetry! You have a lot of projects going on.

    • Sherry says:

      Mary, it is wonderful to have you here. Thank you for taking a moment to come by and for your kind words. It really does look like a web site doesn’t it? Sorta cool that way, I think.

      I’m going to be putting up pieces from the work in progress and I will welcome comments. Oh and I remember YOUR poetry too. Those were inspired days and I’m hoping to tap into that delicious inspiration here.

      I hope in the future you will consider a guest editorial. As I move forward, I will be in touch.

  3. Amanda says:

    Good luck on the new blog! Sounds like it will be fun 🙂

  4. Melonie says:

    Well, this is a surpise! Let me be the first to extend a warm welcome to WordPress and congratulate you on the new blog. I think this one’s going to be very exciting!

    • Sherry says:

      Oh I hoped you would be surprised. Do you know how hard it was not to call and ask you a gazillion quesions? Haha! I hope its a beautiful new beginning.

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