Notice To Readers

I am going on vacation. Due to lack of interest and my unavailability there will be no more photo contests until further notice.

I am sorry I won’t be cruising the blogs (and I do like coming to read everyone’s thoughts) until at least Jan 17.  I do hope you’ll come by and visit me if you can and leave a note that you were here.

The Daily Twitamin will be posted in advance so do check the Twitamin blog if you need your fix.  I’ll be back to posting daily on Jan 18.

I will take lots of pictures while I’m away and collect some stories. Prepare to be regaled when I return. 

Until that time, please enjoy my guest blogger, Melonie McLaurin.


One thought on “Notice To Readers

  1. Rose says:

    I need a vacation. Please take me with you. lol Have a fun time.

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