Returning, slowly

Happy Friday! I’m back from vacation and sorry to be delayed in writing. First, I had a wonderful time, took many pictures and will be sharing some photos with you soon.

Second, I’ve updated My Library. Currently I’m reading the last in a trilogy by Katie MacAlister, about the Silver Dragons. For those of you who don’t know I happen to be wildly passionate about dragons. This cozy trilogy is very fun and entertaining. It is intended for light reading and does read very fast.

I’ve updated the “upcoming” list of books on my desk, and you can see they aren’t all “cozies” or “fluff.” I do hope you’ll try any that I find fun and/or interesting. My tastes are varied and move from literary to historical fiction and from urban fantasy to horror. I believe a good writer is open to many mediums. What are you reading?

Finally, thank you Melonie McLaurin for guest blogging and my apologies for the lack of responses. I know from the page reads that we had visitors but unfortunately most did not say anything. However, I hope you enjoyed the experience as much as I did and hope you will consider returning again sometime.

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One thought on “Returning, slowly

  1. Melonie says:

    Welcome home, Sherry! I’m glad you’re back, and the honor of the guest blog was all mine. Thank you for having me.

    I also know how you are about dragons. 🙂

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