Hearts and Tigers

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  And Happy Chinese New Year! This is the Year of the Tiger and my spouse is celebrating because he’s a tiger. Oh stop and get your mind up here with me. Well….he’s that kind of tiger too but we’re talking about the Chinese zodiac kind of Tiger now!

Seems very àpropos to celebrate a day of hearts and love during the Year of the Tiger. And not just any tiger mind you, but the revered Golden Tiger.  The golden tiger heralds protection against fire, thieves and ghosts.

The tiger is courage, passion, power and royalty. It is both feared and revered equally.  The tiger is of the earth, and represents the highest military emblem of the army commanders. (My darling is retired military like me).  The tiger’s stealth and prowess inspires Kung Fu masters.  The Tiger represents the NE sky.  And the lucky number is 3.

Now I must tell you that my darling does not symbolize all the qualities of the Tiger. He is charming and can be very fierce, he is a complete leader at work and well liked and respected.  He is not quick-tempered like the true Tiger, nor can he be careless. He IS affectionate and straightforward but not uninhibited and suspicious.

I mention this because supposedly it is very great luck to begin your year on a day like Valentine’s day when great love can propel you forward.  To love a Tiger is to know someone who is kind, gentle, passionate, determined and loyal.  Love does not tame, but it does inspire. And doubly so today.

Those of you born in 1938/1950/1962/1974/1986/1998/2010, congratulations! May you have a healthy prosperous birthday and a successful year. And to those of you who love a Tiger or are loved by a Tiger?  Well…grrowl and happy Valentine’s Day!

Other notes:  Updated library list, enjoyed yet another snow weekend (had over 3 inches!), and hope to have pics to share with you this week.  Also, looking forward to sharing our next guest blogger with you soon!

Eat some chocolate and tell those who matter how much you love them. Hug your friends, kiss your beloved.  Go tigers, go!