What Movie to Watch?

Looking for that perfect movie night?  Would like to plan something but don’t know what is coming up? I know some people who plan vacations based on movie openings! Really! So here is my list of the best of the releases for the entire year. Get ready to laugh, cry, gasp and sigh!

MAR 26 – How to Train Your Dragon*

APR 02 – Clash of the Titans*

MAY 07 – Iron Man 2 (based on comic books)*
May 14  – Robin Hood*
May 21  – Shrek Forever After (final, they promise!) 3D
May 27 – Sex and the City 2 (not for me, but hey!)
May 28 – Prince of Persia

JUN 11  – Karate Kid (new and updated w/Jaden Smith)
                 – The A Team (updated remake)
Jun 18  – Toy Story 3 (in 3D)
                – Jonah Hex (based on comic books)*
Jun 30  – Twilight: Eclipse *

JUL 02 – The Last Airbender (based on anime)*
Jul 16    – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (live action, mostly serious)*
Jul 23   – Salt
Jul 30   – Morning Glory (Harrison Ford, need I say more?)

AUG 13 – The Expendables (major cast of mercenaries)
Aug 20 – Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang

SEP 24  – Wall Street 2 (greed is back w/Kirk Douglas)
                – Legend of the Guardians 3D (looks amazing)*

NOV 19 – Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt 1*

DEC 10  – Chronicles of Narnia – Voyage of the Dawn Trader
Dec 17  – Tron Legacy (updated new story)*
                  Yogi Bear 3D (animated cartoon)
Dec 22  – The Green Hornet (based on comic books)
                  Gulliver’s Travels (comedy, based on book)
Dec 25 – True Grit (remake fm novel, can anyone do John Wayne?)

Surprisingly, I found no amazing Halloween or Christmas movies on the horizon. Perhaps the studios are keeping them secret? There is also a Disney Digital 3D movie coming out – Rapunzel – slated for Nov 12. I’ve heard nothing about it…so…consider this a hint.

Hope you will find something you will look forward to. I know I have! (marked them with an asterisk).

Now, last item – Why should we as writers care about movies? Isn’t it said that we should be reading? Ah, a good movie (GOOD movie) can teach us a lot about plot, pacing, suspense, misdirection, character development — and so I go to see movies (or rent movies) that fall in the literary as well as the entertainment categories (I also watch award-winning soap operas for the same reasons). So, writers, read but also, watch. Learn plot, character, pacing, comedic delivery and so much from good movies (and bad ones, what not to do).

Enjoy! If I have left off any movies you feel are must see, just leave your comment! Thank you.


One thought on “What Movie to Watch?

  1. iCanis says:

    I finally saw the How to Train Your Dragon trailer!!! OH WOW! I have to see it. That’s my pick for the near future.

    Others from that list that look good to me are Ironman 2, Shrek, Toy Story, Twilight Eclipse, The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Narnia, — and especially Tron: Legacy. Tron was a major even from my childhood and this is an unexpected follow up I can’t wait to see.

    Thanks for all the upcoming movie excitement.

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