Birthday day!

Today I am older, wiser, more mature, more zen. Well, I’m older! Because today is my birthday!  I have had a wonderful pre-birthday weekend, delightful surprises from my best friend; shared time, a great meal and a good movie with hubby.  Today has been quiet and relaxing and I have enjoyed numerous phone calls to commemorate the day.

So, getting older is okay.  Its all about perspective, isn’t it?  And cake, of course. With ice cream.  And good friends. And loved ones.

Wow. Birthdays are full of good things, aren’t they!?


One thought on “Birthday day!

  1. iCanis says:

    Hello, Birthday Friend. I didn’t see this post on the 29th (and I looked!) — maybe I didn’t hit reload. I agree with you about getting older being a pretty good thing. We can all use more Zen.

    Happy April.

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