Time doesn’t measure the wind

Time measures everything else, it is the standard to measure distance, time, memory and so many other markers of life. But time does not measure the wind, or describe the trail of tears, or how silent is silence.  Time is. And isn’t. When it isn’t is when it seems the most significant.

Oh Time says how far the wind has traveled, or how fast or how long. But it does not measure the sigh within or the lilt of a breeze under the butterfly wing. Science attempts to manipulate Time but Time alone is unable to measure the thing, only the elements around the wind.

I am sorry to be away so long. This last month has been full. Easter was a quiet weekend with lamb for dinner, a Shuttle launch, having my best friend in the entire world over for a visit and a movie, seeing some rooms in my house painted and getting new curtains and blinds (discovered that “chaos” is also not measurable by time), and then…here we are.

A month. So much and so little has passed. Many events and changes. Wonderful and colorful. Elements around the wind of life.

Time does not measure Death. Death is the thing that evades time. Time runs out when there is Death. Stands still for others. Is mute and intangible. I lost my Aunt and never knew it. Her family didn’t tell my sister or me. How horrible is that? Our mother’s closest sister and her own family didn’t bother to tell us. Time stopped though Death had long ago moved on. She died Mar 2.  I was called Apr 9, if only to ask why I hadn’t responded with a card or a thought. To ask why I was acting so callously. Time cannot answer the unfathomable. Why is the silence that rides on the wind.

Stories are snippets of time:  fantastical, whimsical, ideal or real.  The tales we tell sometimes are stories within stories and tales to spin or twist time in ways to suit ourselves.  But even events must have some root in reality to make suspension of belief believable. Characters must be allowed to react even to that which cannot be marked.

I’ve been apart from you a month. I am sorry. We will mark this time with my neglect and a promise for better, more. It must be enough to have noted the absence. Apply frustration, guilt, abandonment, confusion as required.  It is good to offer choices to the reader though the character must be steadfast to one course.  It marks the story and continues the plot. It gives it framework. Time frame.

Just remember time cannot measure the wind, mark the trail of a tear or the passage of a soul, even in stories.  Not for any character.  Not even for me.


One thought on “Time doesn’t measure the wind

  1. iCanis says:

    I don’t have words for this, because I know it hurt you, not being informed. I’m just posting for morale support.

    I do love what you’ve said about time. Even it must stop, at least once, for each of us.

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