Happy May Day

Wishing everyone a Happy May Day, a day of renewal and refreshing. There are a variety of celebrations imbued into the day, but I’m thinking of Spring and May poles and flowers and streamers and pastel colors. Okay, maybe not the pastel colors, but Spring (haha).

Had a truly wonderful yesterday with my dear best friend.  We window shopped, I took some pictures, laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I must say that I can spend endless hours with her and never run out of things to talk about, questions to ask or laughter to share. It is the most delightful feeling to know you have that kind of connection with someone other than immediate family or a spouse.  She even helped with choosing some faerie names over lunch.  I was treated to delicious chocolate raspberry truffles (omg they were good) and she spoiled me with the lunch too. 

This May Day I am appreciating the great gift of friendship. Huzzah!

P.S. and dear friend if you see this, could I have copies of the pictures of me in that $235 hat?  It is as close as I am ever to be to it!


One thought on “Happy May Day

  1. iCanis says:

    I’m also thankful for friendship today–namely, yours. I’ll send those pics your way. And you did look smashing in that hat. 🙂

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