Reading vampire

I am a reading vampire. There aren’t enough books and I am always hungry.  Seriously, I just updated The Library (I do this about once a week, if you want to keep up and see what’s coming and going on my reading table) and put up some books that I plan to buy later this year as well as others I have ready to read.

If you haven’t tried some of these authors, and you write fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, gothic romance, horror, then I suggest you read some of these. Here there be dragons, witches, fae, vampires, ghosts, demons and just plain fun. And many of these series will make you laugh out loud!

I have new things coming to my table with Singh and her angels, and Lawhead’s trilogy on the legend of Robin Hood, reimagined.  Of course, you can’t overlook Butcher’s Side Tales — I must have it, no matter what.

What are YOU reading?  Are you a book vampire, too?