Welcome June

And goodbye to May. Last month I visited the NASCAR Hall of Fame, went to the NASCAR Pit Crew Challenge at the Bobcat area, watched qualifying at the Speedway and the NASCAR Sprint Cup’s Coca Cola 600. Whew!  That was a LOT of racing. Shook hands with Mr. Rick Hendrick, Richard Petty, Kurt Busch, Mike Helton, Humpy Wheeler, Richard Childress. So many other well-known people. Have taken a glut of pictures that need to be put on disc. Had some major emotional highs and lows, battled back from a stomach bug and thought May was a great month.

Reading continues. Writing has begun again. I’ve read up on some of my research. I’ve started my book for a competition and also working on my vampire story as well as my faerie story. My head reel sometimes with too many ideas and that tends to paralyze me on occasion.

This month I hope to have some quiet time to read, write and visit with my dearest friend. Life is short and it is time to hone in on some of the bigger things in life, like love and friendship.

Hello June bugs. Hello fireflies. Hello childhood memories, time of watermelon, long summer evenings, movies, dandelions, introspection and…air conditioning!


One thought on “Welcome June

  1. iCanis says:

    That’s a problem for me, too — lots of wonderful ideas seem to occur at once, and I can’t write any of them for thinking of all of them. Yet if I chose just one and actually work on it, it feels like I’ve abandoned the other ones. Not good for writing.

    June works for me. 🙂

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