Well, hi November!

Here I am again. Seems the posts are infrequent with increasing frequency and I keep apologizing.  Well, I am back because the weather has cooled and Autumn has struck, the leaves are turning faster than the days are long.  I rejoice in the crisp, dry air and that brings me out of hibernation at last. 

Honestly, I can’t give the weather all the credit. My best bud has awakened, her pen dripping with eagerness for a new NaNooReeMoo — a personal offshoot of NaNoWriMo, and better, in my humble opinion.  But invited me she has, the young Jedi. And I am considering joining her merry band of inklings.  We did this some five years ago – we three musketeers – and it was great for me. But this year I have other things affecting me, with a negative effect to my efficiency.  Yet I consider rejoining.

Add to this, bff has improved her blog and her website. I just ditched my old web site and so I am considering a new one.  Meanwhile, I have itched to change this blog.   Looking to renovate.  Coat of paint might do wonders. If you see weirdness abounding, comment and duck. Wet paint is hard to get out. I may play and then again, I might hit on something I like right away. We shall see.  Bear with me because I tend to mess things up sometimes.

On Halloween I returned from a five-day vacation in New Bern, NC.  Fabulous trip. I took hundreds (literally) of pics. Ate, drank, lived and played. There will be some snippets to come about my adventures.

Despite not posting, I have updated the Library. You can see while I haven’t been writing, I have devoured many books.  Don’t forget to check out the latest.

So, I guess I’m back. Hey, does this journal entry count for word totals??? 😀 Put me down for…312.


2 thoughts on “Well, hi November!

  1. Melonie McLaurin says:

    And, yeah — it ought to count. LOL (Sounds like old times, doesn’t it?)

  2. Melonie McLaurin says:

    Thank you for crediting me, poor young Jedi that I am, with inspiring your first post in a very long time. It is better than I can possibly describe just to have your voice out here available again.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not leaving me over there at NaNooReeMu alone. I need your company!

    I also agree that once you settle on a new theme for your blog, you will feel compelled to post regularly again. I don’t know what it is about Fall and redecorating/starting new writing projects — but there really is something there.

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