What’s it worth to you?

Ah, money. You can’t take it with you, you can’t do without it, you are paralyzed with too much of it, and you are shunned for too little of it. Money is the root….of trouble, anxiety, happiness, arrogance….and sometimes, relief.

I spent some last night. Took advantage of the last chance for no sales tax on appliances that are energy star efficient (also tax credit eligible for the soon-to-run-out deduction with the IRS). Got myself a new washer, dryer AND refrigerator.  And except for a momentary spasm of buyers guilt (I do spasm when spending large amounts of money), I will be happy to have a washer that doesn’t try to throw itself across the floor, a dryer that is more efficient, and a refrigerator that is more modern, efficient and makes ice (and can be dished from the outside!). My current appliances are about 13 years old and of course technology has made improvements in their manufacturing since my purchases. 

In the end, I will save money on water consumption, energy usage,and laundry detergent (use less with new washers). The cost for conservation is worth it to me.  Which brings an age-old question that every story asks of its players —

What’s it worth to you? Is it true that everyone has “a price?” Do you know yours? Do you know your characters? Where do you – or your heroes – draw the line? Is there one? Is it cheaply given or too expensive to fathom?   What would your characters give to have a better life or world? Is the price a game-changer? Or is the lack of a price a plot saver?

What’s it worth to you? Is the price worth the cost? My purchase was and will be. But for my characters? Ah, now that is something I must consider….


2 thoughts on “What’s it worth to you?

  1. Sherry says:

    This hasn’t been an issue yet for any of my characters. I was only tying this to writing and proposing what might be a character trait and how to evaluate it. I thought I’d take the mundane and use it to a writer’s advantage.

    Meanwhile, the new stuff arrives the 12th. 🙂

  2. Melonie McLaurin says:

    Thought provoking. Makes me wonder what is going on with which of your characters.

    Will I have to wait until it hits the market to find out?

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