Autumn Rituals

The last race of the NASCAR season is this coming Sunday. I may mark the event by going to the Renaissance Faire. Seems an odd way for a race fan to mark the end of the racing season but my driver has not performed this year and what the hey!  Fun is more important! Besides I didn’t get to go the previously planned day. (SUNDAY: Didn’t get to go to the Faire. Next year. Worked on the homestead, did laundry, cooked, worked on donations to Goodwill.)

The weather is systematically knocking the leaves off the trees. It almost looks barren and gloomy enough to be winter. One sure sign the holidays have arrived home is the stack of Christmas CDs on my kitchen table. Decorating inside and out happens next week!

Are you still reading?  Of course the Library is up-to-date. Starting a new series by Simon Green. Butcher’s Side Jobs was Fab-U-licious.

Tip for today:  Simmer some fragrant tea or cider on the stove and add cinnamon sticks, cloves, oranges, apples and lemons (or any of those you like).  The aroma will fill the home giving it a holiday warms and fragrance that is less expensive and potpourri and lasts longer. Use the same concoction for up to 3 days by adding more spices and some water. Cover when not in use.  You can even add peppermint drops for a special Christmas scent.  This is really helpful when cooking the turkey, goose, ham or roast. It eats up the odors and replaces with sweet scents. 

Make today your best day yet. Cuz today your are the oldest you’ve ever been.

NOTE:  Please pray for my best friend’s mother who is in the hospital with congestive heart failure.  Your generous contribution of emotional and spiritual strength is gratefully welcomed.