Happy Thanksgiving…

…to one and all.  May you count your blessings and be enriched and renewed.  May you be inspired by Nature’s bounty and endless offerings.  May you help someone else along the way and gift them with a blessing of heart.

May you be blessed with health, hope, and love. Be grateful for the smallest things and you will be given riches.

We celebrated today with…duck!  I made duck l’orange! And creamy scalloped potatoes, oyster dressing, peas with mushrooms and cranberry sauce. The pumpkin pie will have to wait until tomorrow because we were too full. We washed it down with a nice Pinot Noir and after dinner coffee.  It was truly wonderful.

And to this, my best friend’s mother came home from the hospital and can be treated with medications. Thank you all for your prayers whoever you are.

Now, the Christmas tree is up (though not yet decorated) – tis the season! Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving…

  1. Melonie McLaurin says:

    Sherry, I just can’t thank you enough for all the support you gave to me during a very frightening time.

    I am thankful for so many things this year — one more than you know about at the moment, but which I will most happily disclose ASAP.

    You remain an inspiring force of nature, yourself.

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