Welcome 2011!

Happy 2011!  I have been on holiday hiatus and thank you all for your holidays wishes while I have been away. For those of you who sent emails requiring answers, I promise you, I’m on it. Give me a day to catch up and responses will be forthcoming to all.

I’ve had a delightful December with visits from various family members over several weeks. Santa was gracious and giving, and I am beyond blessed and grateful. 

I’m updating my Library list today.  Check-in later to see what is next on the desk. And feel free to let me know what you are reading, too.

I have to say I received a fabulous Mahjong set for Christmas from my bff. She knows me too well!  What fun getting a first lesson, having tea and chatting between reading her iPad for game instructions and trying to study “hands.” It is one of my favorite moments of the holidays, one I shall treasure as I continue to pursue this game of complexities.

Going forward I will discuss more about writing, sharing some written passages, talk about some philosophical topics, and post a few picturestoo. Stay with me in the new year and share some of your thoughts, too. We have much to discover together.

Here’s to wind at our backs (and under our wings), ink in our wells, paper that doesn’t bleed (teeth that are sharp), and hearts always open.  I’m counting blessings every day.


3 thoughts on “Welcome 2011!

  1. Cynda Bellamy says:

    What a lovely, uplifting “First Post the the New Year”! I am looking forward to keeping up with your blog.

    As for reading, I have started reading The Shack by William P. Young. One of my friends requested it for Christmas (which I bought), but then I came across it at the library. It is most intriguing, if you’ve never read it.

  2. Melonie McLaurin says:

    I’m counting my blessings right along with you. Can’t wait for more posts between the lines!

  3. Happy New Year my friend! Looking forward to seeing more from you this year!

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