BOO! Sherry’s Baaaaack!

What happened to 2011? And 2012??

Yes, yes, I’ve been missing. I’ve been gone. You were abandoned. (Not really). Now I’m back, refreshed and dangerously renewed. We’ll talk about where I’ve been and what in heck took me so long to blog back… later. I’m updating the links, pages, everything. Bear with me. Lots to improve and change now!

So here’s the news: I am going to take part in National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo. This will be my third attempt. The first time I quit. I really wasn’t ready. The second time life interrupted and I didn’t make word count. This time I’m going to get there!

Remember that murder mystery that I’ve plotted for over a decade? Well, I trashed what I had (most of it) and rewrote my outline. I’m ready to go this time. I have to make 50,000 words by the end of November and I WILL. I will not be done with the book. I think I will need closer to 85,000 words. But at least I will be – finally – nearly done!

If you are doing the NaNo this year, I’m there as poetphoenix (obvious?), so let’s connect!

Here’s other news:

–I have opened a YouTube account with expectations of posting vlogs on my NaNo experiences. Please be supportive because I REALLY want to succeed this time.

–I am on Twitter. Are you?  Find me as poetphoenix. (Duh)

–I subscribe to Klout. Are you there?

No, I am not on Facebook. I’m sure I’m the last person on earth who isn’t. Well, I’m thinking about it. I have issues with Facebook but my bff who is a social media guru thinks I need to be there. I should listen. I’m thinking about it.

So, now that I’ve returned from the great unknown, we’re going to talk about my thoughts about current events, writing, what I’m reading and I hope we will find new things between the lines. It is SO GOOD to be back!


2 thoughts on “BOO! Sherry’s Baaaaack!

  1. Sherry says:

    Yay! Thanks, Sean. I really am going to stay this time. I think. I hope. Company helps. 🙂

  2. eustressor says:

    Welcome back, Sherry!

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