Halloweenie’s Eve

It is the night before Halloween. I feel as though there should be a ceremony to mark the almost end of October. Hurricane Sandy has made a mess of one-third of the country, people’s lives are in chaos. It is Katrina without the creole. I count myself fortunate to have received a bit of cold air and gusting winds. It does feel like Halloween is about to ride up with the Headless Horseman, even as Santa Claus might appear in our western mountains of North Carolina. But that doesn’t help the millions now suffering. I hope they can sense they are in my thoughts and prayers. And I did give to the Red Cross because I’m too far away to do anything else.

Far away. That’s where my thoughts have been today. My best friend is at home recovering from time in the hospital but she’s not even close to being well yet. Top that with hubby being sick and today was first day of vacation. Oh he’s so much better than he was over the weekend, but the weekend was our 23rd anniversary. It was punctuated with “a-choo” and “oh god.”  Not much romance in that. Understand, I do, young Jedi. But disappointed I was anyway.

Now for the elephant. NaNoWriMo. I’m getting anxious. Don’t you know on my first writing day that I have a full day of OTHER THINGS that MUST be done.  Let me list them for you: early voting, eye doctor, flu shots, christmas decoration for yard, hardware store for fix-it stuff, alterations lady and goodwill. All that to say…(cue dramatic dark music)…

There will no word count for me on Day One of NaNoWriMo.

And so it begins.  I am already promising to make up for it on Friday but I’m already behind in my THOUGHTS much less on paper!  HELP!

Finally, I want to tell you what I recently reminded my best friend: As you make every day count, remember it is the people who actually make it count. So let no day go without letting the people who matter most to you know – without a doubt – how you feel. Life is fragile and very fleeting. We are here one moment and then gone in a blink.  Don’t leave anyone wishing they had known how you felt. We cherish those moments maybe more than you realize.

Now go carve a pumpkin and come by with pictures for me tomorrow. Cya!