Halloween Treat for you!

Halloween is Here!

The fireflies have taken cover
The moss is buried under fog
There’s a gurgling beyond the fence
Coming from the stinkin’ bog.
Every shadow is leaning forward
Anxious for escape tonight
They’re waiting for a hapless victim –
Someone begging for a fright.
Something’s coming; don’t look back!
There’s scraping by the old logs,
What’s that screaming, is it you or me?
Or is it just the bats and frogs?
Red eyes watch your every move
Just there beyond the line of trees,
Whistle away the pumping fear,
Don’t believe what you think you see!
So what if your skin is crawling tight
And you’re sweating goosebumps too,
Vampires don’t mind the taste of fear
And panic makes you a werewolf chew!
Ding dong!  There’s that sound again –
The scuffing, rustling sound of feet.
Close your eyes, open your heart,
The goblins are here – Trick or Treat!

Perpetual Kid finger monsters

AH! Monsters have my fingers!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Treat for you!

  1. This is awesomely nice! I wish I’d seen it on Halloween. It’s perfect, just like you. 😀

    • Sherry says:

      Thank you. Sure you aren’t prejudiced? I love it if you are. 🙂 Hope you’ll come by often. I’ll do the same though your blog is pretty geeky for me. Still, maybe I’ll learn something! ha!

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