NaNoWriMo Tip…

Do Not Get Behind!!

Yesterday was the first day of National Novel Writing Month and I was gone nearly the entire day. My time out included getting eyes dialated at the eye doctor (getting computer glasses, thank you) shopping. You see, hubby is on vacation and there were things needing doing…and oh the excuse for doing poorly!

Yes, I only wrote 758 words yesterday which means I had to make up for it today. Good gobbletygook that was ROUGH. So with 1667 words a day the requirement, I needed to have a quality session. Three hours later, my day’s total is 2644.  I needed to total 3334 for two days. I now have 3402!

And I really, really need to not get behind again!

My tip is, write whenever you can, however much you can. And never, ever, ever, ever, like ever, get behind again! (forgive me Taylor Swift).

More tomorrow! (oh look, word count 145! HAHA)