Scaring off the Inner Editor

As you know, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and one of the biggest hindrances most mentioned by writers is “I keep going back to edit.”  So it got me thinking about my trouble with my little, inner demon-editor. It calls to me, whispers enticingly, promises I will like the feel of the red pen, and assures me how much better I will be once I dance with him.

Under normal circumstances, I write and then leave it for a day or so, coming back the next time with pen in hand. I do feel better after I’ve had a second look, a hack, a cut, an embellishment. I really do. I’m a lousy editor but I have improved dramatically in the last decade. So much so I no longer fear myself.

Now I’m in NaNoWriMo and I’ve been told to ditch the Inner Editor. Mine is starting to feel frustrated and niggles at me. It pokes me as though I were someone on Facebook (I am not on Facebook but I understand this is something people do to get your attention).  As the days go by it is becoming louder. I type harder and faster in attempting to drown it out. Truly this goes against my grain.

Now here is my question. It only takes two weeks to make a habit. In two weeks of not editing my work, I fear I shall revert to bad habits that took me years to correct! And in a month’s time, will I come to enjoy the death of my Inner Editor?  What happens when December 1 rolls around? Will I be like so many writers out there, uncaring about my work?

I’m learning to not care. I like this freedom. I’m scared for my Inner Demon. I think its scared too. Will I be re-learning a good habit?

(Word total for today 1674, staying ahead of the game)