Quiet Thoughts

The hour is late and I’m sure you need your sleep as I do. I’m also sure that many of you may be putting your children to bed, watching the late night news, or taking a break to stand outside (if it is warm where you are as it is here tonight, for me). Forgive my interruption. I only wished to share a few quiet thoughts.

Today is the observed Veterans’ Day. Yesterday was the “real” day. I have remembered my father and mother, both were Air Force vets of Korea. And my hubby was a Vietnam vet. I’m a vet of Vietnam and Gulf War I (both of us Air Force retirees). My son and daughter in law are Army and vets of Gulf War II, plus the war in Afghanistan. I have reasons that make me proud and humble, and with the two “kids” still in the Army, reasons to worry.  But I believe in their service. I think of them and so many others who served and are serving. Veterans’ Day has always been, in my experience, for the living. Memorial Day for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. So this weekend, I think of those soldiers far away, in a quiet moment like mine, who are missing people they love. And I thank them. I hope they know.

I also wanted to mention NaNoWriMo. Yes, I’m still going strong. I worry because it isn’t easy and I’m getting to “meaty” sections and I fear I may not be up to the task. This quiet moment is for that fear, that it may rise up and then begone. Uncertain or not, I am going to forge ahead. I will do this. I will see it to the bitter end and I will have a book (or most of it). It will be awful and need so much help (I have truly locked up the inner editor), but I am going to make it to 50,000 words. (currently at 24, 472)

Finally, just thanks. I have people coming by to like my blog but they don’t leave comments. Frankly I’d rather have comments and people joining the mailing list. I’m not on Facebook so “likes” are nice but mean little to me. Visit and speak, won’t you? I prefer interaction. You can find me on Twitter too. I like snappy chats. But thanks to all who bothered to peek in. I really do appreciate every look, no matter how small. Pass the word, please? I’m getting the YouTube ready so I can do more personal chats. And next year, surprises.

Now, a treat. I have a character, Drahomira. She’s a vital part of me but she’s my vampire in an old and future project.  And she’s….well, she’s a bit of a pistol. Anyway, some advice from her:

Don’t shake the tree looking for prey unless you know what you’re going to get. Otherwise, you might get a very nasty surprise. Or, you might just get lucky. Either way, shake like you mean it and don’t run, whatever happens. It isn’t the monsters who kill you, honey; it’s the fear. The monsters don’t want you. They want your fear. You’re just a bonus, like a cherry on top. Stand your ground.  Being a monster-killer is good for your rep.

(not to mention makes for a damn fine story! ~ me)  Cya!


4 thoughts on “Quiet Thoughts

  1. I’m glad the writing community is more comment friendly, then. To me, they are much better than “likes” and so on. They’re just so rare these days. I guess the really old days of guest books spoiled me rotten, so the way things are done now is a disappointment by comparison.

    • Sherry says:

      Agreed. I do miss the guestbooks and they did spoil me, too. I suppose that’s why I believe in “comments” and appreciate their value. Today’s generation is built on “fast food” – immediate input with expected flash-and-dash immediate response. No time for politeness or real caring. Takes too long. Nope, have to post their location on foursquare then put up a pic on Instagram before putting a note what they are eating on twitter before saying they have a new app on their phone. Meh.
      Sorry, feeling a little put out with the F&D gen.

      Thankfully there are the writers and geeks who like to speak up. Like you!

  2. After two years in social media, I should tell you that blog comments have gone the way of the dinosaur. Even commercial sites and blogs get very little comment love anymore. Most people are now “social sharing” rather than commenting. But your blog traffic at least shows you people are tuning in, and that is a good thing.

    By the way, I enjoy your late night thoughts.

    • Sherry says:

      And I do value your experience. However, from all the writer blogs I’ve been visiting, feedback is craved, desired and even expected. It may also be de rigeur to “like and run” but ok, then call me a dino along with most of the folks I visit/am visiting. Social sharing isn’t a hit and discard. There’s nothing shared in that. Twitter gives more than that!

      So, if someone takes the time to actually stop by, and then actually reads, then one more moment to actually comment (good or bad) isn’t too much to expect, in my opinon. Besdies, when you visit those “others” they are all asking for feedback too. So, what’s good for the goose…right?

      Fortunately I have a bff who loves me and leaves feedback. Thank you, by the way. I know I don’t say it enough.

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