Pre-Thanksgiving Updates

It is the day before Thanksgiving, and all through the house, the vacuum was running and no sign of a mouse. The pie waited on baking, the vegetables were chopped, the turkey was trussed and the writing had stopped.

Yes, the writer has stopped. Temporarily. Today and tomorrow I’ve given myself permission to take a “pit stop” on NaNoWriMo and fuel up my mind. Let me say that I have achieved several milestones in my never-before-managed-word-count experience. Currently I’m at 43,469. That’s right, I’m over ten thousand ahead of the game with only 6,341 to go. So, with so little left, why have I stopped? Why not full steam ahead to the finish?

Well, honestly I’ve reached a wee impasse with no outline for the next run of words. I have the overall outline but I’ve also been using a daily.  After I managed 3,271 yesterday that actually took care of my last two days of planned scenes.

No matter.  After planting myself in this seat every single day and meeting/exceeding word goals every single day, I do believe in my ability to complete the 50K challenge. No, it won’t finish the book. But yes, it does show me I have the ability to finish what I have talked about and researched for 8 years. Time to put a cap on this tale, right? I will, but first things first.

Now it’s the day before Thanksgiving and I want to give back to my loving husband who has supported me and borne my “up day” fist pumping (he helped) and my tirades on the bad days (when I doubted). He encouraged and cheered, was a friend and a reader.  Then there were three cheerleaders on twitter who provided very important accountability and inspiration. Two of them have nearly done the NaNo with me before (when we all didn’t make it) and they have been more important to me than they realize. One of those people is my best friend in the world. She, besides my husband, know how far-reaching this project is. One person is a new friend who has tried this NaNo and isn’t going to make it. But she gave it a good effort (so been there and done that, I empathize with her) and it proved to me that word counts really aren’t everything.

So this Turkey eve and tomorrow’s Turkey day is for thanks. Preparing the house for company (hoping to see grandson) and hoping to make a grand bird for the day. I will be counting my many blessings, my new friends and old, my family, and NaNo who gave me the chance to prove to myself that I. Can. Do. It. A to cherish those who knew I had it in me all along. Bless all of you, from my heart. I thank you.

But word counts aren’t the real lesson. The lesson is all about belief. Trust in a well planned story. Trust in your ability to write it. Trust that words will come even if at first they aren’t perfect. I’ve learned to write first, edit after. To listen to the people who support what I want and to turn away from the negative nay-sayers.

I’ve earned the break today and tomorrow. So have you. Whether you wrote one word during NaNoWriMo or have 40K to go, stop and breathe. It really is the journey. The destination is “the end” and if you take and enjoy the journey, the end will happen.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I hope your blessings are innumerable!


2 thoughts on “Pre-Thanksgiving Updates

  1. Enjoy your days off. I hope you and Ron are having a very happy Thanksgiving Day.

  2. RLB Hartmann says:

    Sherry, you’ve earned a break, and I know you’ll forge ahead afterward and reach your goal with ease. Sometimes we find a “happy little surprise” (Bob Ross) that endears our own stories to us in unexpected ways.

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