Marathon Finale Approaching!

My brain hurts. My back hurts. My emotion psyche is aching. My muse is quivering. My word total is 48, 477.  Not. Done.  I’m screaming. I can see it, that special “The End.”  No, it isn’t the end of my novel but the end of the 50K marathon I started 25 days ago.  I feel the wind in my hair, my eyes are dry and my thighs ache with the struggle to keep upright as I balance downhill!

Today is the day. It will actually happen. I’m going to write and then submit my word count.  I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m anxious. I’m almost relieved.

Today is the day! Hold up those signs so I can see them as I round the curve to the finish line!

I have to focus now. Focus, I tell you! I feel light-headed. There’s a callus on my finger. I have to catch my breath.

I’ll get back to you.

UPDATE:  As you can see from the widget on the right, I DID IT! I crossed the finish line, I saw Victory Lane, I passed the test and I made my word count! In fact, I did 51,172! I surprised me. Where nervousness was, jubilation pops. I have people who believed in me, and now I wish to thank them: Ron, Melonie, Sean, Lucille. Not to mention writing buddies Sabrina and Mary.

To them and to the many other unnamed or unknown, I thank you too. A silent achievement took place tonight and was done with the motivation and belief of others who helped me believe in myself.

It was monumental. It was epic.

Mischief Managed! Victory Lane awaits. T-shirt ordered. I am sated.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Marathon Finale Approaching!

  1. For me this has all been something of a vicarious adventure. You really, truly are the first person I have ever known who has finished this damn thing! Congratulations on keeping the momentum going and gettin’ ‘er done. This is monumental, seriously. Now you can relax and enjoy the Holidays before the big editing season. Love you, BFF!

    • Thank you, my erstwhile (love that word) bff. You were tremendous support. Guess third time was the charm.
      Next year, we’ll do some stuff together. The newsome twosome and the three inkateers!
      Love you too. Goodles.

  2. RLB Hartmann says:

    WooHoo!! Breathe deep, exhale…breathe…exhale. Last lap!!

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