December (already??)

I cannot believe December arrived. I was so busy with NaNoWriMo that I didn’t notice. Kinda. I mean I knew it was there, just not THERE. And now here we are. Decorations managed to get up and this weekend I started my baking. Two cakes. One – the chocolate fudge – is a wonderful success. It will be wrapped and frozen, then doled out in a couple of weeks. The second – a raspberry/lemon cheesecake flavored cake – decided to stick to the pan and leave torn pieces at the turnout. Pish posh. Well, that just means we have to eat it. And I did not wish that to happen. Hubby won’t mind much, but now I’m a cake short! Have to wait until the next baking, next Saturday, to move on. I make Amish Friendship cakes which means I can bake every 10 days after preparing the dough. Good cakes, too, with lots of room for variety.  Here’s hoping I do better next weekend.

NaNoWriMo may have ended but I’m still writing. Managed another 3200 or so words. I know I’m slowing down because of decorating and baking but I’m working hard at keeping the flame alive. I am consumed with ideas for the book so I must keep them alive. It is like an eternal flame, this book. I am happy.

Good news! The Guest Blogging is back! I will have a surprise for you by mid-month and I’ve lined up another guest or two for January. The goal is one a month but we’ll see how we do. I’m certainly honored to use this venue to support talent. And I like to support ideas too. I want to put forth writers, not just authors. So look for a variety, like cakes!

This week is Christmas card week and present wrapping. I hope you have tinsel in your hair and flour on your cheeks. I hope you are sampling cookie dough and watching Hallmark movies.

I do. I am. Life is short. Laugh loud and long. Then tell your friends and family how much you love them when you write them a card and share a cookie.

Don’t forget to put out lots of twinkle lights. They remind all of us that magic is possible especially in December. I’ll leave a light in the window.


4 thoughts on “December (already??)

  1. Even I noticed it was December. LOL Still, I’m glad you caught on and got some of your baking done, even if you had to eat one. Miss you a lot.

    • Sherry says:

      I really really really really REALLY miss you too. Would really like to chat tomorrow. Hope you’ll be there. (Ron ate some of the cake. I didn’t like it much. Just as well it wrecked. Haha)

  2. RLB Hartmann says:

    Our town has a fairly new entrepeneur. The name of her home bake shop is Dessert First, her slogan, “Life is short – eat dessert first.” That’s what I’m doing right now, with a big bowl of Breyer’s Vanilla. That’s what happens when I nap the afternoon away and Chris does the shopping. HA! Some days it does pay to get up twice.

    • Sherry says:

      ooh yum. We have a great bakery in town too and it is just a mile from my home. You don’t know temptation like her cupcakes. 🙂 And good for you. Naps and dessert are the true meaning of life. Those and a good nib for your pen.

      Thanks so much for dropping in, L.

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