Ah hints.

She likes horses, dogs, big skies but she’s a North Carolina author.  Far West Magazine, 30 years ago. Long after Lone Ranger but….just as good.  Make sure you come by on Dec 10 to ask questions of the Guest Blogger.

Meanwhile, back at my ranch…

Had lunch today with a friend from NaNoWriMo. Discovery is so much fun. And I like hearing about new ideas. When was the last time you met a new person? It makes me smile, and anxious and nervous. Ha!

19 days until Christmas. Time to do the annual letter and cards. Yes, I believe in REAL cards. I like to make Christmas personal. Try it. Spend the price of a real tactile card and a real stamp on your family and friends. Put the Post Office to work, make Hallmark happy, remember how to write your name, discover your address book, take the time to say something special to every person. Lick, stamp, hold with pride. I tell you it beats email, ecards, typed words. Be personal. It is what Christmas is all about, after all!

19 days. You can do it!

And come back tomorrow for more hints.