TGIF (and a hint!)

Happy Friday everyone! It was rainy and cool where I live and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Managed to do some laundry, pay bills, get some reading and writing done with a nap on the side. What a delightful day! However, I must note that being glad for the end of the week only matters if it is indeed the end of your week. Some, like my husband, find themselves working on occasional Saturdays. So, for you folks, an early TGIS!

Twitter, thanks for growing in readership. I’m meeting so many new folks and hope to interact with those who like coffee or tea, write, photograph, read the same authors I do, actually ARE one of the authors I read, drink wine…you get the picture. It is nice to connect around the globe. You will find I like trivia because of my #DailyTwitamin, but I also enjoy laughing and sharing. (Why do I sound like an ad for online dating? HA!)

My writing goal this morning was 3000. I pushed myself because I wanted to give myself permission to write less this weekend (or not at all). I broke 3200! This proves that NaNoWriMo really does help condition you to writing more!

And now your hint about the guest blogger coming on Dec 10:

The short story she wrote was titled, STRONG COFFEE. It was about a 12-year-old boy. Why is that, someone once asked? Because she felt like a 12-year-old boy inside….

Don’t forget to leave a comment when you stop by so we can know each other better!  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “TGIF (and a hint!)

  1. Can’t wait to read your contributing author’s guest post. It sounds intriguing. And I love, love, love you blogging again. I missed it a lot.

    • Sherry says:

      Hi! I’m so glad you came by! I do hope you’ll like my next guest. After all, you were the first. I thought maybe it was time I did more of these. 🙂

      I did come by your blog. Several times. I feel a little silly in the halls of such learned geekness. Interesting though!

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