Meteors, Luck and Wishes! Oh My!

Good happy 12/12/12 to you! Yes, it is a once in a lifetime day, one that we shall not see again for a century. I don’t think I will be around the next time so I’m buying a lottery ticket and betting on a once in a lifetime lucky moment. After all, at 12 minutes and 12 seconds after 12 noon today it will be 12:12:12 12/12/12 and exactly 12 days until Christmas.  Does it actually get any luckier than that?  So purchase that lottery ticket and take a chance on this magical day of days. Let’s just see if the Mayans got anything right.

Also, get ready for some Meteors! And a profusion of them, too! We are currently in the path of the Geminids, from object 3200 Phaethon,  which is a Palladian asteroid with a “rock comet” orbit. Different from a comet but producing many of the same results for us: a beautiful meteoric display! Peak viewing will be tomorrow, Dec 13, starting around 8pm EST and going throughout the night until dawn on Dec 14. Even the moon will cooperate with a clear, dark sky. So gear up for up to 120 meteors an hour! Wowie! That means you can stand outside for ten minutes and see about 20. That’s really good. No special equipment needed either. But if you have a zoom camera or binoculars, you’ll get bedazzled by the display.

Making the Geminids more glorious is the advent of a NEW shower, the Piscids! Debris left by Comet 46P, Wirtanen might produce 30 meteors per hour, added to 100 meteors per hour from the Geminids, according to NASA. The cool thing is that these meteors will travel slower than the Geminids which shoot by very quickly. So the variety will enable you to tell the difference in the showers and enliven your night sky as never before.

So many wishes possible during this meteor event! With a lucky 12/12/12/ preceeding, you must not miss this opportunity to avail yourself of the magic in the air. Don’t play the lottery? Take a chance on love! Invest in that stock you’ve had that special feeling about. Take a chance and do something you’ve only dreamed.

Be bold, be daring, believe! Look up into the night sky and see the cosmos in action. Feel how small you are and how expansive the universe is shooting by above you. Feel the moment, experience the magic.   It will not be like this again.


What’s on your reading desk? People who know me understand that I love books. I read urban and paranormal fiction, gothic horror, historical royal fiction, paranormal romance, and fantasy most predominately. I recently finished Jim Butcher’s COLD DAYS and am crazy about the book. He is among my writing idols.  Yesterday I closed the cover on Keri Arthur’s DARKNESS HUNTS, also terrific. Currently I’m reading Christina Henry’s BLACK LAMENT. I love these stories about angels, reapers, soul catchers, Aedh, hunters or guardians. You?

What are you reading? Have you suggestions? Leave them in the comments, won’t you?


On a last note, I wish to thank RLB Hartmann for allowing me to have her as a guest. (I hope you are enjoying the comments, RLB!) A permanent link to her guest editorial is on the Guest Blogger page.  Comments remain open until Christmas Eve. Tell your friends to come by and read all about her. I thank you on behalf of RLB and me!