Undo Humbug with this tip

Good happy morning. I confess I have been stricken with a cold (a whopper, too) and so I’m suffering with Rudolph nose and Scooginess. But as I’m working to overcome this dastardly plot to Humbug me, my coffeemaker dies. SERIOUSLY??? Okay, the Scrooge factor has increased. And THEN guess what happened? I ran out of large roll wrapper paper with one big box yet to wrap. HELP!

So here’s what you do.  First, put on some Christmas music to improve the mood. Okay, now that I’m croaking (really) along with Deck the Halls, I’m making a cuppa joe with my Keurig maker (which I keep for single cups of specialty stuff but thank goodness is there for use with my normal coffee). Thankfully, I am feeling light-headed thanks to good drugs (DayQuil, people!), good coffee, good Christmas music. Now to this large box.

Here’s my tip for Christmas. If you think you might have a very large box over the holidays, then save the comics from your Sunday paper for about a month. Four Sundays of lovely color comic pages is plenty of paper for those large boxes. Finish off with silly curly ribbons and Voila! A unique, much talked about box that will fit right in with all that other silly looking wrapping paper.  And you will be seen as innovative and clever. Smart, you!  I won’t tell.

I’m headed out today to breathe on people and share my holiday germiness. I’m so thoughtful that way. Seriously, I need to meet up with a NaNoWriMo buddy because before I got sick I made some goodies for her. It was what she asked for Christmas. Must not disappoint. Of course I always have other surprises too.

If you haven’t done your Christmas cards yet, make an effort to get them out IN the mail by tomorrow. If they don’t have to go to the far corners of the country, they stand a decent chance of making it to destinations by Christmas eve.

OH! What are you reading NOW? I’ve just started a new book by Melissa de la Cruz called WITCHES OF EAST END (Beauchamp series #1). It is very intriguing, at least the first five pages. And that’s an endorsement! If you hook your reader straight off, there’s a chance the will stay with you.  What are you reading?

Time for a refill on that coffee, a new CD (Bing Crosby maybe?) and I hope you survive the week. I’ll check back with you soon to see how you did. Please leave a comment with any tips or tricks that you have for getting through the days. Don’t forget to save the comics this Sunday. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Undo Humbug with this tip

  1. For me, all I need to get in the festive spirit of the coming holidays is a hot cup of Earl Grey, my favorite robe, some fuzzy socks, and a bit of pre-wrapping dread as I plan how to make the gifts visually appealing prior to their revelations.

    Of course, the music I hear from a few rooms away doesn’t hurt. Classical, Celtic, instrumental.

    There’s also a nice walk through the woods in the dark gray of an afternoon heavy with the promise of rain, the air brisk and breezy.

    • Sherry says:

      I can curl up with you. Breakfast Blend tea for me, a cuddly blankie, and a Christmas movie or a good book. Maybe some cookies? MM…I can hear your music from here! Lovely way to spend your day.

  2. RLB Hartmann says:

    Sorry you’re under the weather. Don’t OVERDO!! That will prolong your misery. Nice tip about the paper. I save the thicker ad sheets (printed on one side and folded in the middle) to tape on windows to keep the birds from bashing their heads in the reflections.

    • Sherry says:

      Yes ma’am, trying not to overdue. Don’t think I can because I get too tired too quickly. Do you have a bird problem? I see images of Hitchcock’s movie as you are attacked. Good tip tho for anyone with that problem! (maybe my windows aren’t clean enough). Merry Christmas to you and Chris!

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