Break’s over; back on your heads!

There is an old joke about a man who goes to hell, is given a tour of possible punishments and happens on a dining room where everyone is laughing, drinking and eating all they can. Of course they are waist-high in dung, but that is a small price it seems for the lavish meal laid out before them. The man studies this scene and tells his demon guide that he will accept this “terrible” punishment. So he wades into the dung with some measure of delight. Just as he reaches the table, a demon voice says, “Decade break over, back on your heads!” And everyone bends over and does a handstand much to the man’s sudden horror….

Life resumes. The sparkly holidays are over. Epiphany (or Twelfth Night) was wonderful but now is the time to take down those Christmas decorations (or else plan to put Valentines on the tree!) and resume the ordinary. Epiphany’s passing also signals other things this year, not the least of which is a return to the “everyday” grind, school for kids, work for those who must, worries about taxes, house repairs, yards to clean, car payments and repairs. In other words, back on your heads, people!

But it signals other things too. For me, a list of personal to-do’s:

First, time to return to the WIP. Yes, the novel worked on so diligently in November and only partially in December is now back on the table for daily work. Additionally, I have a couple other writing projects that command my attention. There will be many breaths between the lines in the coming weeks. Actually, I’m excited to get back to it full-time. I’ve been rather sick for over three weeks and though I’m yet recovering, I do feel better and my head is clear enough to put together cohesive sentences.

Second, this is my year to improve “my personal being.” Not only am I going to feed my writer-self, but I want to improve my physical self which in turn will improve my emotional self. There will be self-imposed highs and deep lows along the way but I’m ready. The goals are private – perhaps as I go I’ll share a few of them – but very real.

Third, going to work some home improvements. Sitting down with hubby later this month and we will discuss what projects we will tackle this year. In addition to some improvements, we are also working to improve ourselves financially.  It’s all about balancing the long-term with the short, isn’t it?

Finally, I’m looking forward to improving relationships. I’m meeting more local authors and I want to continue building friendships, while strengthening old bonds, like with my bff, Melonie. Each year I re-commit to the love of family and friends, knowing that without them there would be no love to give my writing or enjoyment in home improvements, or anything else.


HELP WANTED: I started a petition to recall the US House of Representative members from North Carolina. I’m so very sick and tired of the personal agendas getting priority over the general good of the majority. I’ve had enough of the attached pork meant to “grease” agreements. I am sick and tired of evading votes on necessary issues in favor of defending an antiquated “platform.” Time to put people in office who actually want to work problems and care less about their personal reputation and agenda. I think it is worth the effort.

If you are a NC resident or know people who are, please consider signing my petition. Please send the information to your friends. Any and all help you can give is greatly appreciated. The petition is here.  I appreciate your help and support!



Look for the next guest blogger to appear soon!  I’ll be posting some hints on Twitter about a week before the unveiling.

What are you reading? My current adventure is WITCHES OF EAST END by Melissa de la Cruz. Have you read something great lately? Please share it in your comments.

Shopping for a tablet. Love the iPad but think I’m more a Samsung gal. Thank you Meli for going window shopping with me and helping to blow away the fog of confusion. You’re my person, bff!  Expect my decision very soon; new adventures await!

Smile at a stranger today. You might make a difference in a life. Cya!


4 thoughts on “Break’s over; back on your heads!

  1. The Frantic Blogster says:

    Hi Sherry, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. This is actually the first time I see your blog, I hadn’t been on here. Must’ve been someone else who found your blog via mine?

    I’ve just finished Life of Pi and I’ve started Eat, Pray, Love. I’ll either write a review or post the one I’ve quickly put on Goodreads tomorrow.

    Also, good luck with those resolutions! Are you going to blog about your interior projects? I’d love to see befores & afters!


    • Sherry says:

      This is the first time you’ve been here? Well now I am confused. But however I found your blog I was delighted I did. I love your bookshelves and I am on Goodreads too so do post your latest. I’m working hard to update there since I just joined up. So many books have I read! I’m poetphoenix there too.

      When we do what we plan to do inside, I usually take pictures. I’ll be happy to share!

      Thanks again for coming by and posting back. Serendipity, oui?

  2. RLB Hartmann says:

    Very sorry to hear that you’ve been sick, and glad to know you’re on the mend! A brighter New Year ahead, for us all. Finished my editing gig (mostly), and am back tweaking photos and music for Video # 5…long delayed…coming soon! And I look forward to dropping in here more often as well.

    • Sherry says:

      I love your vids, RLB, you know I do!
      Funny how nearly everyone I know is/was sick. It is kinda scary. But we are healing so I’m looking forward.
      You know you are welcome here any time. I’ll be improving content and providing samples too. heehee

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