February over already??

Okay, I’ve been bad and I haven’t been posting.  I do apologize but that doesn’t mean I’ve been lazy, just absent. I apologize. I have been busy and I’d like to share that with you.

Reading is a passion. I’ve consumed books like good chocolate.  While I was at it, I decided I should join up on GoodReads. Of course there’s no sense in being on that website unless you are willing to invest in your profile including what books you’ve read (and oh my I’ve read so many). I’ve only managed to list 470 so far and there are many more yet to name but its a good start. Plus trying to connect with others and share like books. It does take time. Also, I’ve been invited to a few book releases there as a result of joining which is very fun and cool!  You can find me there as Sherry Rentschler. Let’s connect and share books!

Then there’s Pinterest. I heard from so many about their “guilty pleasures” and “pinning.” I’ll admit I was curious but until someone asked me if I were there because if were she said, “I would so follow you because you have the most fun stuff.” I think she meant like the Crime Scene scarf I like to wear (you can see it “pinned” on one of my boards).  As a result, I joined up and I have to limit my time out there because seriously, you can get hooked on pictures! I’m Sherry Rentschler there too. Let’s connect!

Don’t forget you can always find me about twice a day on Twitter (poetphoenix).  I’m on in the morning to do my #DailyTwitamin and I also check my stream in the evenings. Say hi, won’t you?

And yes, I’ve written. I’ve been working on a short story (about 5,000 words now) about a character that is in my vampire novel (this character is mortal) but it is how he comes to meet my vampire. “Back story” is what it’s called. I got the idea from reading Kim Harrison’s Into the Woods, a collection of her short stories about her characters and interactions, events that take place between her novels. Such a cool concept that I thought I’d try it. Anyway, working on mine and about halfway through it.  I’ve also outlined a series of faerie stories in a four-part saga (part one completed some time ago and I just need to get on with the rest of it).  And I’ve continued work on the murder mystery novel that I wrote during NaNoWriMo and work is progressing very nicely there.

Also, I hope to have some big news soon that has consumed my time. No hints yet but will be exciting, I promise!

Now, don’t think because I’ve been quiet that I’ve forgotten about my Guest Bloggers. I hope to have our next victim, er, writer, in about two weeks. Those are always worth a look.

Hope you are doing well. I can’t believe February has come to an end but you can see that while I’ve been away I have been busy. The good news is with March we have much to look forward to including Ides of March, St Patty’s Day and – would you believe it? – my birthday is on Good Friday!  So put a refill in those pens or dip it in the inkwell. We’re going to have some great discussions and some fun.

Stop in and let me know what you’ve been up to. Your emails are great but I enjoy seeing your comments here, too (and we can share the discussions with others).  More tomorrow! Cya!


2 thoughts on “February over already??

  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    Really great to see you back in form, and to be so informative about where you’ve been. More than usual, I’ve been MIA online, too, hitting only Zoetrope, Facebook, and occasionally Twitter. My website is growing with new photos, both illustrations for my novels and the first round of reader collections; breaking book news, and soon-to-be another video (# 5)

    • Sherry says:

      Hi Lucibuck! Thanks so much for coming by and leaving a thought. It sounds like you have been busy like a hurricane! I’ll be by to see what’s new and I’ll look forward to the vid. Something I might like to try…
      Not familiar with Zoetrope. More to learn!

      As usual you bring me info and teaching. 🙂 Love these visits!

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