Winter, a Guest and me

Winter’s last gasp is happening as I write to you, a wind rushing by my kitchen window, wind chimes singing to ward off the evil spirits. The sun is shining but it is cool today, perhaps the last very cool day of Winter. Already there are days in the upper 60’s and low 70’s and Spring is pushing against Winter’s shoulder, edging the frosty lady over and out.  Small flower shoots are breaking ground. I’m happy for renewal but Spring is such a fickle bitch, weaker than Winter realizes because Summer is a bully. It will be hot too soon now and I will miss my Winter friend.  Enjoy the day. Relish it, don’t wish it away. Live it. Absorb it. Be it.

Tomorrow afternoon I will reveal my new guest blogger. Here’s another tease (I don’t see anyone guessing who it is!):  You probably won’t find him at an Auto Show. And his life, as he says, is a Mess. But tomorrow he’s going to talk about the lessons he’s learned .

What are you reading now? I’ve finished off the latest novels by Kim Harrison, Christina Henry and Rob Thurman (all of them WOWIE good) and now I’m reading Hounded by Kevin Hearne. He was recommended to me because I enjoy Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series so much. And so far (as of page 38), I like very much. Let me know what you recommend? If not here, find me on Goodreads!

Time for doing some dishes, a little laundry and then a sit-down with coffee and my pen and paper. I usually enjoy long hand for a while before my arthritis insists I go to my laptop. Writing always involves either coffee or hot tea. It’s a thing.  Caffeinated words make great anti-heroes!

Until later, cya!


2 thoughts on “Winter, a Guest and me

  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    Oh, I know who that Mess is, but I won’t tell. I read him, too. As for cold weather, be prepared for what my dad always called “the Easter cold snap” because it’s right around the corner. I just finished reading Tamar Meyers’ Magdalena Yoder title, As the World Churns, a satisfying hoot as usual; and am in the middle of Ann Radcliffe’s The Romance of the Forest in an edition that summarizes some of the middle chapters (should have done that with a few more, IMO! but it keeps me turning the pages).

    • Lucibuck! I could hug you I’m that glad to see you! Haha I’m happy you are keeping our little secret. Yes, I hear the Easter cold snap is a sure thing this year. I remember the year we had snow on Apr 2nd!

      I have been wanting to read Ann Radcliffe’s gothic story. I’ve got it on my “get to” list. Let me know if you like it (did you read The Mysteries of Udolpho?)

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