Lost Spring and other stuff

Okay, I get it. The faeries are up to their particular brand of pranking again. Spring took a wrong turn at Las Vegas because we didn’t get to see her today. The entire day was cool and partly cloudy and I swear the faeries laughed all day long, little buggers, er…I mean, the wee, little dears!  Looks like it will be another 10 days or so before we get to play Spring. I have four snowballs waiting for warm weather. I’ll celebrate in April, maybe.

Robbie Cox’s guest editorial is now listed on the Editorial Archive page. If you come late to the party or just want a quick re-read, you’ll find it easily there.

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Just finished reading Kevin Hearne’s Hexed, the Iron Druid Chronicles #2. I’ve moved on to the third book and am truly loving this series. Celtic, Russian, Polish, American myths with all sorts of supernatural influences from witches, werewolves, gods, goddesses, fae, hexen, demons, and even Native American coyotes. Critics have suggested that Hearne may be the next Jim Butcher and you know what? I agree!!

Well, here’s to spring. I’m going to enjoy the cool weather because Summer is a bully and will be here too soon. Read a good book, and set your face to the sun once a day. Count blessings. Be grateful. Smile. And come by again soon, won’t you?