What’s happening?

Hope your April Fool’s Day was a day full of foolish fun. I loved the Google tricks. But were people REALLY fooled by “smell-o-vision??”

Went to a Winemaker’s Dinner at Richard Childress Winery in Lexington, NC on my birthday. What a wonderful way to spend the night, eating delicious gourmet foods (beef carpaccio, potato-fennel soup, blackberry bbq quail, beef cheek, halibut, deconstructed shepherd’s pie, proscuitto-wrapped veal medallions and dark chocolate pate). Oh lord, was it fabulous. And the wines, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese, Victory Cuvee, Chardonnay, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Port. Needless to say, on Saturday morning I was just a wee bit hung over. Normally the tastings wouldn’t bother me but I’ve cleansed my body and eating waaaay healthier (haven’t even had my normal wine with dinner), so my body was rather purged. So all the alcohol really got to me. I had to laugh about it. Haven’t felt like that in 30 years. Or so.

But what a wonderful night. I must say Richard Childress Vineyard and Winery is a delightful place, and if you are in North Carolina or the surrounding states, it is worth a visit. Eat there, too. The chef knows his stuff.  Here’s a pic my hubby took during the Winemaker’s Dinner:

Inside the barrel room!

Winemaker’s Dinner

On the desk:

On my desk is Kevin Hearne’s next book, TRAPPED (#5 in the Iron Druid Chronicles). I have really enjoyed this author and highly recommend him.


Look forward to teases next week about my upcoming guest blogger. Who will SHE be?

Meanwhile, be good to one another. Hug a friend. He – or she – might really need it. Cya!

3 thoughts on “What’s happening?

  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    Glad you had a great birthday and a nice April 1. We got by without any pranks on each other. The ones I can think of always sound too cruel, OR I laugh ahead of time and ruin it.

    • Sherry says:

      Haha! We’re the same way. I always blow it in my excitement. Hubby is the devious one (he might disagree!) but he had to work and actually forgot! To my benefit.

      Good to see you, Lucibuck. You are a happy voice in this inter-wilderness.

      • RLB Hartmann says:

        It’s always nice to read your musings and enlightenments. Just can’t seem to get over to Twitter as much as I used to. I’m looking forward to your next guest blogger, and hope to visit more often between bouts of spring cleaning.

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