The next Guest Blogger will be live on Apr 15. Who will She be?? Here’s a hint:  She’s lived in three countries. But in the US, she’s only been in one state! And yet….she’s quite the traveler!

Now, while you ponder that hint, I’ll tell you that Summer is trying to bully her way right past Spring and the flowers and trees haven’t even fully bloomed yet. Global warming is messing with my seasons.

I really wish more of you would stop and leave a comment. But thanks for coming by. Check in each day for more clues leading up to Monday’s Guest Blogger!


3 thoughts on “Teaser!

  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    Was it Shakespeare who said, “April showers bring May flowers”? or was that Martha Stewart? I was thinking this was an early spring because Easter was early this year, but apparently other parts of the country are faring quite the opposite. We were promised hail and high winds with downpours last night, but I’m happy to report we got none of that. Just a bit of thunder and enough rain to fill up the birdwater dishes, and a bright sunny morning. My kind of weather!

    • Sherry says:

      The answer is “Neither!”
      “April showers bring May flowers, And sweet bowers, where roses twine; Now I know too, I can show you, That it’s so too all the time, If the sunshine came at one time, All the fun time would soon be through; April showers bring May flowers, So just wait ’till love comes to you.” (that’s the Chorus)

      That’s a 1920’s song April Showers Bring May Flowers, lyrics by Leo Wood.

      We did get some rain and there was bad weather around me but nothing at my house. Today it will be 73 and sunny. I’m opening all the windows!!

      Thanks for coming by. You’re starting to spoil me.

      • RLB Hartmann says:

        If anyone deserves being spoiled, it’s you. You’re a dynamo and and inspiration. We didn’t get much out of that last scary weather report, but I noticed our local river was ultra muddy so somebody upstream got lots of downpour.

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