Big Announcement!!

I promised you news so here it is:  I HAVE A  BOOK COMING OUT!

Yes, I have a poetry collection being released late summer (date unofficial at this point). I am terribly excited! It includes some of my photography too. (I do wish you could see me hopping up and down here). Just last night I was able to see the final copy of THE COVER!!!  Oh boy oh boy oh boy. And when my graphic artist finishes sending it to the publisher and they have it in hand, I will happily share the beta with you! Did I say how excited I am????

So here are some answers to questions that I think you might ask:

Yes, I am self publishing. No, it is not a vanity press. Yes, I will have an editor. Yes, the cover is a one-of-a-kind, specially created for me by a professional. Yes, it has been an exacting process. Yes, it has kept me up nights for the last month. Yes, I’ve learned a great deal about the industry that I will happily share with you soon. Yes, this will be a stand alone volume. Yes I am using my nickname which becomes my nom de plume (Sherry) and how silly is that since I practically consider “Sherry” as my name. But if it isn’t on the birth certificate…

So there it is. I’ll be doing some new things as a result – like changing this blog to show me as an author, and yes, I will have to open….a (GASP)…..facebook….account. Okay the world may come to an end when I do that as I’m sure I am the last person on Earth who is not already there, right?? And there will be a web page…so many things!

Stay tuned for more new information coming soon!


Also, Anna Mittower’s Guest Editorial is now listed in the tab above if you want to come back and re-read her words at a later date. Anna, thank you so much. I am honored you let me share you with my world. I wish you happy trails in your new adventure and best inks in your writing. When your first book does happen, come back here and let me tell everyone all about it, ok?

3 thoughts on “Big Announcement!!

  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    What a dynamite post to come to first thing in this beautiful spring morning! And you are so prescient to answer all the questions I and others would have bombarded you with. (yes, I know “with” is a preposition, but this is the 21st century). There’s always room for you at Facebook; you’ll make a valued addition to my list, for sure.

    • Sherry says:

      Hi Lucibuck! So wonderful to see you here and to share my joy with. (See? I can do it too! hahaha). I’m a bit uncomfortable with faceplanting but I’ll be there. At least I’ll have one true friend. 🙂 I’ll be writing you as I have some questions that you can probably clear up for me. Soon. Meanwhile, let’s do the happy dance!

      • RLB Hartmann says:

        I knew you could do it, too!! Read enough of your work to know you CAN write. As for faceplanting, be aware that the photo I put there of myself is WAAAAAY old, back when I was thin and had naturally brown hair. LOL! Ask away, not sure I’ll have a straight answer but I’ll try. *Doing the happy dance*

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