A pic, a poem, a postmortem

I had company over the weekend, and I promised you a pic from that adventure. My home was filled with laughter and family for a few hours. My son (well, he’s my husband’s son but I think of him as mine since I’ve known him since he was 16 and he’s over 40 now), daughter in law, their son and my grandson, Ron’s nephew and nephew’s new bride. The nephew and bride stayed with us for a few days and my grandson and family came over for some golf and bbq ribs. So without futher adieu…

Here's the gang

Here’s the gang

That’s son, daughter in law, hubby, grandson, nephew and bride. A happy, motley crew. Love them.

Today is the last day of National Poetry Month. In honor of all poetry winging around the universe, and for recent events covered in the news, I offer this little ditty. Make of it what you will.


Drivel, doggerel, and diatribes!
Who supplied sterile stones for
castling omissible dottrels with
sandpaper rubbed tongues, so
brazen and ministering, of masterful
missals, and funereal arsenide?
Ah, sweet miserable media —
skeptical, unstoppable sybarites!

Went to the movies over the weekend. Saw Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. I really liked it. Been a while since I’ve seen a sci-fi movie that wasn’t some sort of remake of something else. This has some very original ideas, new visuals and presented in a fun, exciting way. The movie is beautiful to look at too. Cruise has developed into an actor at 50. He can deliver drama without it feeling forced and it is fun to watch him. Worth seeing.

Finished Angelopolis, the second book by Danielle Trussoni. The tale is detailed and twisty, intricate and full of subplots. It is not a fast read but worth the slow investment in literary drama. I know it will be next year for the final installment of this trilogy but I am happy to make the time investment.

Next on the desk is Naomi Novik’s Crucible of Gold, the 7th installment of the Dragon Temeraire series. Did you know that Novik’s series was optioned by Peter Jackson??? I do hope he makes these into movies soon. What delicious movies they will be in the hands of such a visual master! Oh I will be jumping up and down to see dragons winging across the screen, and not as the bad guys but stars of wonderful series! How cool would that be??  Ahem! My book is due today via UPS and then I will dig into it this weekend. I’ll let you know what I think.

Have we connected on Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, or LinkedIn? Let’s! Meanwhile, thank you for coming by. Stay tuned for more news and updates soon! Cya!


7 thoughts on “A pic, a poem, a postmortem

  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    LOVELY family!
    I’m on those same sites as you except Pinterest. I inadvertently signed up for Google+ when I was getting a gmail account recently, so have to remember to go there once in a while.
    I envy you opening your book for the first time. Savor the thrill. : )

    • Sherry says:

      Thank you! We’re a motley crew but I luv ’em. 🙂 Especially my little grandson.

      You know I joined Google + also but I don’t use it.

      How about I come your way when the book comes out and we share it together?

      • RLB Hartmann says:

        Oh, you’ll have that book open long before you could make your way over here to the hinterlands. Though at some future point, we probably should plan a joint book event. Finding the right venue and synchronized timing would be crucial, though.

      • Sherry says:

        RLB, a joint book event? You mean, you would want me to join you? Oh WOW. I’d be honored and overjoyed! I haven’t a clue how this is done, you know. So, emails would need to begin. I have questions I have yet to ask you anyway. But…wow.

        A cowboy and a poet walked into a bar…. (well, it’s a start! LOL)

        • RLB Hartmann says:

          I haven’t much of a clue, either, so emails are definitely in order! I LOVE your “start” — we could use that on the advertising leaflet!.

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