Guest Blogger Hint/Great TV

Guest Blogger to appear in just a few days! Who is HE?  Here’s your second clue….

He went to school in a place called Peterhead Academy.  And has a love/hate relationship with cats.

That’s all for now.


One note about something else….I like to watch GOOD television. I like comedies and bubble gum as much as the next person but I live for quality writing and fine acting. Here, in no particular order are really exceptional shows you really should be watching:

Game of Thrones.   The Borgias.   Justified.   Hell On Wheels.   Homeland.

If you like really good bubblegum, then you need to tune in to True Blood.

Shows that are finished that are worth your time:  Carnivale.  Rome.

Do you have some recommendations?  Meet you back here tomorrow for more guest clues.


3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Hint/Great TV

  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    Anyone who likes historicals MUST see ALL of Downton Abbey, from Day One. The theme music, characters, plotting, sets, costuming, lighting–everything about it is top notch IMO. Even the ads make me stop and listen from the next room (music). The current one on PBS is Selfridge, and it’s not far behind.

    Oh, and your Peterhead Academy clue makes HIM sound British..maybe? I just hope he doesn’t share any sad/bad cat stories. I used to tell my students, “If you tell me a sad cat story, I will give you a D.” LOL!

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