New artist, beauty, and a hint!

Beauty is not a quantifiable concept. What one finds enchanting, another might find to be ordinary.  This is especially true of the arts. Opera, as was mentioned in the movie Pretty Woman, is one medium where people either “hate it or love it.”  Perhaps the sound of the German language can’t touch you through the music. Perhaps you love opera but only the romance languages. I must say Italian does sound quite beautiful when sung.

Beauty is also subjective in art. We are touched by things that capture our eyes because of color, shape, or memory. An artist can never tell what will move a soul to tears or turn a body of people away in disgust (well finger painting with feces will do it for me; how about you?).  An artist can only paint or draw or sculpt what inspires and moves them and waits to see what touches others.

That’s what happened with me. I discovered an artist I am flat crazy about. His name is Ray Ferrer and his web site is listed on the side there —>. His Urban Wall Art is, in one word, FABULOUS.  His style is unique and each piece of art is an original. I’ve purchased a piece from Ray and I am excited. When I receive it I will share some pics with you. Meanwhile, see how Ray uses his style of hand created art stencils and spray paint to make a real masterpiece. Watch this vid:

Art is also a subjective thing when it comes to books. Cover art is so critical for a successful book, especially for the first time author. Doing your own is risky unless you have some serious talent or training. I have none, so I sought the talent of a graphic artist for my upcoming book. I couldn’t be happier with the result which will make my product stand out among the throngs of poor made or super stock covers. But the key is whether it is striking, does it convey the story within, or capture the imagination. Is it art that will make others stop to look?

That brings me to the hint about our upcoming Guest Blogger. His first novel is a completely self-contained work. He wrote, edited, formatted his work, then designed and produced his own cover. Risky for a first time novelist but I think you’ll agree when you see it that his gamble pays off. Is it beautiful? I think I will say that it is striking. And it is memorable. That is true beauty.

If you are a writer, art is how you present your words. That is our craft — to be artful and inventive. If you are an artist, you do the same with canvas, clay or whatever is your medium. To be artist and writer is, truthfully, a gift.  But every person must recognize what his/her talent is and cater to it. Let others do the rest for you. Emphasize your strengths and don’t be afraid of letting others be strong for you where you are weak.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it is said. Check out my new favorite artist, Ray Ferrer. And now, your hint:

Our Guest Blogger is just crazy for British television comedian Dom Joly. And he thinks that Suzi Perry, British television presenter and F1 presenter for BBC, should be his wife. (we all have to dream). Most importantly, he gave an exclusive interview in Haunted Digital Magazine’s After Dark issue.  What’s that? Oh yes, he’s a horror genre writer.  Hmmm…..


ON THE DESK:  Broke down and started reading Charlaine Harris’ Dead Ever After. I have some mixed emotions and I’m only on page 42. The writing is very simple and some things explained I think the reader should easily gleam. Kinda insulting when an author does that. So, I’ll let you know. So far, this book and I are off to a rocky start. And that makes me very sad.

Okay, look for the guest blogger to appear sometime tomorrow eveing or Saturday morning. Get ready for some fun!


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