Reading, Writing, Reaching…

Heard from my publisher today. So begins the journey of “corrections.”  I’m pleased to announce that my work in formatting eliminated much need for any corrections on this score (and I will be speaking about editing and formatting later), and the only TWO things my publisher said was 1) did I want them to complete the second table of contents (for illustrations) and 2) issues with some of my illustrations (will write specifically about this next time).

And I waited….was there more to discuss? And waited. Uh…no, that’s it. !! Can I tell you how pleased I am that this was all my publisher took umbrage with?? Delighted would put it mildly.  So we will discuss these issues tomorrow and then begin the next work of releasing the book to the design folks (I have given them the book cover designs along with back cover and dust jacket). And so mostly we are entering the “do” phase, not the “create” phase. I am excited!


I’ve moved the Guest Blogger link to the Guest Editorial tab for future readers. Find it anytime for reference! And thank you again, Xander. He will continue to answer all comments through May 31.


ON THE DESK:  I’m reading The Last Werewolf by Greg Duncan. I only just began so nothing to report. However, I finished the Charlaine Harris book and you can read my review on Goodreads if you are curious. Less than stellar is my overall rating there.


FROM THE PEN:  Now that the poetry book is at the publisher, I’m back at work on my murder mystery and my vampire stories. Next time a little taste, okay?

PERSONAL NOTE:  There has been a great deal of death and destruction lately. From mass shootings, bombings, huge fires, flooding, tornadoes and landslides…the losses have been terrible and the grief nearly insurmountable.  My thoughts and prayers are with so many. If you are blessed with a good and happy life, send a little aid to others who now could use a little blessing. There are reputable agencies who will be grateful for your aid. Please help. Thank you.

As always, thank you for stopping by. Bring a friend next time and say hello!