Catching Up

Good News! June’s Guest Blogger has been selected; details are being hammered out. I think you’ll enjoy the new selection. No hints yet!

Last time I spoke about self-publishing, I discussed images and covers. I’m hoping you’re doing your research if you are planning to publish. Check out every available house out there, then check their ratings and references. Don’t forget to look at books they’ve published. Read their blogs/check their twitter feeds. See what they are like and how they fit with your genre and the quality of the products.  Do let me hear from you when you decide your direction. I’m very interested. And I’ll happily help promote you new authors!

ON THE DESK:  I finished THE LAST WEREWOLF by Glen Duncan. (3.5 out of 5 stars). Very heavy. Have moved on to SMARTY BONES by Carolyn Haines. A bit lighter and more light-hearted than the werewolf book. Duncan’s book has a sequel but I’m going to read some other works first and give my brain some down/fun time first.

IN THE PEN:  Now that I have one book in the works, I’m working on several other projects. It is my plan to ebook the first year of my Twitter’s #DailyTwitamin.  And I’m back to working on my murder mystery novel. PLUS I have two stories working, one is fantasy/fae based and the other is gothic/vampire.  Samples to come.  This weekend is write, write, write.

Finally, I hope you’ve check out Ray Ferrer’s art. I am loving my canvas! He has a sale going on right now (through tomorrow), so give it some thought…

Tomorrow is the last day of May. Already!!! Five months until Halloween. Oh. My. Well, it is still May. We’ll stay with that for now. More come June!


3 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. preziosofrye says:

    I’ll say first how much my kids and I always loved Halloween. The last trimester of the year was the time we decorated. It began with turning my living-dining room area into a haunted house, then both kids’ birthdays in November beginning the 13th and ending Thanksgiving then wrapping up with Christmas. My grandmother always decorated for every holiday, major and minor, throughout the year even after she was widowed. It kept her busy and made her house a magical place.

    I’ve found two new places to publish and am piecing together another book. I’ve new ideas for a third, possibly a fourth book; excitement has awakened. Thanks for your suggestions. I’m also noting the titles of the books you mentioned. My daughter and I share a passion for horror, vampires, werewolves, those kinds of guys. We’ll definitely check them out.

    • Sherry says:

      Hi Margaret! So good to see you again. I can just imagine how wonderful it was at your grandmother’s because my Mother did the same thing. And I decorate because I keep that memory alive (despite there being only hubby and me). I refuse to let the child in me die! Or grow up! Ha!

      I applaud your industry. Just don’t rush your work. Edit, edit, edit. It is more important to have quality over quantity. Let me know the titles of your books when they come out, ok?

      Ah, reading is my passion! Sounds like we have books in common — we must connect on Goodreads or on Twitter so we can share. I do 50 or more books every year and I’m all about the fantasy, gothic horror, supernatural world. I’m reading terrific authors. (Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, Deborah Harkness, Kevin Hearne, Benedict Jacka, Naomi Novik and Nalini Singh just to name some favs).

      • preziosofrye says:

        I’m noting those authors and you’re right about common interests. I’m going to check out Goodreads and am on Twitter under “maggiamo”. I’ll look you up too.

        I’ve one book out “An Apartment In Madrid”. It’s been an eBook since February and is a paperback on Amazon just published 2 days ago. I came in at the end of the quarter and received my first royalty disbursement today, $16.92, for the sale of 4 eBooks. I posted the news to facebook, thanking my 2 brothers, sister and daughter for starting me off, like pinning up the five-dollar-bill received on the wall behind the register! In retrospect, I should’ve had more kids…

        I see I’m already following you. Now for Good reads.

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