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There is a great deal of information on the web about “how to have a fab book launch party.” Everyone has a recommendation and an opinion. So I’m going to be winging mine, thinking of how I can make it practical AND interesting/fun. Real challenges there. I thought about having a private launch with just some family and a few friends, but you only get one first launch. So I may be expanding that with some cool ideas including something that YOU can take part in too!  More on this soon.

NEXT GUEST BLOGGER! June’s new guest will go live this week. Twitter’s first hint is that SHE like seafood, cemeteries, and striking eyes. Bigger hint tomorrow. Any guesses?

ON THE DESK:  Writers, you must read! And read. And read! You need to make it a priority because you learn from other writers what sounds good, feels good, how to write dialogue, what you like (and don’t), experience different POVs….reading is good for inspiration too. Do it. Stop offering excuses like, “it inhibits my creativity” or “I’m afraid I’ll start writing like the stuff I’m reading.” Really?  If you do that, stop. Reading helps you find your true voice. It is okay to emulate and experiment. Just write and read. Do both often.  That said, I am working on Diana Rowland’s second book Blood of the Demon.  I’m starting to truly enjoy this series and am happy I have purchased all book now published. I do my reviews on Goodreads, so pop over there if interested in what I like and what I rec.

SNEAK PEEKS:  Reminder that the peek is temporary. It will disappear without warning.  I only ask that if you read it, that you tell me what you think, what it makes you feel, if it peaks your curiosity. And I thank you.

Parting thought:  I couldn’t sleep last night. Brain was working overtime on “things to do.” I tried the Weather Channel, a little solitaire, some quiet time staring at the ceiling in the dark. Thoughts drifted to friends who have real troubles, a sister who celebrated a birthday, friends who are missing in the quiet, strangers struggling with flooding or fires, people who are dealing with real hot-bed issues. It tends to put things in perspective. Just a thought.


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  1. Myas says:

    I have to support the exhortation of reading. For me many times there aren’t enough hours in the day but even if I read one page I get ideas, am inspired, am reminded of or sometimes wind up with a prompt for a story. There’s so much. It’s great to see how dialog is written and to be able to say, “you CAN write it like that… huh, now that’s interesting”. To find a style you like and mold it into your own according to your style and to be confident it’s ok to stick to your guns about it. The treasure chest is deep…

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