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Heard about this cool blog challenge from Gus Sanchez (blog: Out Where the Buses Don’t Run). Blog by Jcckeith offers daily challenges to help inspire, tickle, motivate all people whether or not you are a writer! This looks to be fun!  Here is a link to the daily challenges beginning on July 1.

I want to challenge my readers to pass the word and take this with me! Then come by and share the link to your answers and I will go see what you have done at the end of the day. Once I know you are “in this” with me, I’ll know to go visit you.  We can discuss our different answers. Sounds like great fun!

So here is Day 1, beginning on July 1. This will give you time to think about it:  Day 1: Write your own imaginary obituary, can be anything you want.

This should be full of laughs and motivational, too. I’m not above saying if I can’t do a challenge or I miss one, but I’m going to challenge myself to take 30 min every day and just go with it.  Who’s with me??  Go forth and spread the word!!

ON THE DESK:  Reading SECRETS OF THE DEMON, book #3 in Diana Rowland’s Kara Gillian series. VERY good. Am really enjoying these. Lots of police drama mixed with plenty of supernatural in an urban setting.

BOOK NEWS:  I am working on picking a book launch party location. I considered having it at my home but I can’t handle above a dozen folks comfortably and I’m looking to invite 25-30. Investigating other options has proved that this will be a wee bit expensive so I’m trying to find the best place. My favorite choice so far is an hour away at a vineyard (reasonable price there too) but because of distance, I don’t think some people will come (including the local press). A golf course where my hubby has a membership is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive and I discounted them right off. So, still scouting. No sterile places for me. Book stores are great for book signings but not for a launch. I don’t know any local shops that would do this. And you don’t want to do it in a coffee shop or eatery because you interfere with normal patrons and I do want to make this a wee bit exclusive. This is tough. I’ll let you know what I decide.   UPDATE:  Spoke to the publisher just moments ago.  Expecting to do the launch early August. Book in hand in about 3 weeks (or less).  Wowie.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Okay, I joined Facebook (looks around to see if the world ended). Those who know me understand what a concession this is. haha! I have my Author page almost ready and my “regular me” page is up but I haven’t really “worked” it yet ( ). I will hope some of you will come over and say hi and get me going, help me understand this thing. Having two pages is VERY confusing and not at all what I wanted. (Note heavy sigh here).

Also, put a request out on Twitter for local Charlotte, NC (#CLT)  folks to suggest launch party sites to me. Hope I get a few nibbles.

9 thoughts on “Cool Blog Challenge (& stuff)

  1. Robbie Cox says:

    I love the challenge idea and just may take you up on it. I also sent a friend request to your FB page and would love to join your author one when you get it going. Good luck on the book launch! Wish i was closer so i could attend. Always a delight to stop by your page 🙂

    • Hi Robbie. I’m a little slow on the author page (I have it mostly done) because I was waiting on some info which I now have! So will turn that on pretty quickly. I didn’t really get the idea of two different pages, one author and one “me” because that’s not what I wanted but, what do I know, eh? Haha

      Glad you are going to join in the challenge. I’m looking forward to it and to what everyone else does.

      I wish you were closer too. You know you would be SO welcomed. If you change your mind there will be time to make arrangements….(August…cough cough)

  2. Myas says:

    July challenge sounds like great fun… wouldn’t miss it! As things ran through my head of what I could write i had to laugh at myself…. seemed natural to write my own eulogy… must think obituary… For ideas see “Get Low”.

    • Yay! We’ll give it the “Ol’ college try” together. Should be fun to see what everyone writes. Thanks for joining in!

      • Myas says:

        Just like Beetlejuice I nosed around obituaries yesterday to see what was trendy for obituary format…

      • Myas says:

        I know this is a different topic but I went through the Diana Rowland books to put them on my to do list and came across “White Trash Zombie” titles. I added them too – they sound hilarious. We’ll see…

      • Myas says:

        I remember what that expression stood for, these days I don’t think even the ivy league schools hold to the ol’ college try’s integrity. Education is too focused on mass production.

  3. RLB Hartmann says:

    After the Internet Guy (whatever happened to “the cable guy”?) does his job tomorrow, I should be able to think about launches and FB pages w/o distractions…

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