The Proofs are here!

Aaaaand the final book proofs arrived late last night: the final covers (dust jacket and soft back) and the interior galleys. OOooh. I had the excitement shivers! Then I went to work, looking over my own work with a super, super, super fine eye. And already I find errors. Well, two. Not a lot, right?

Let me tell you, when the publisher says you must check over your proofs, they mean it. I have found several publisher errors that trust would not fix. You must remember they (publishers) are also not perfect and they will screw up. In the world of publishing (even traditional) the responsibility of checking the galleys is yours. The error fixing is mostly up to you (even if you have an editor).

Anyway, working on the galley. Sent the cover proof off to the graphic artist who designed the cover. He can tell whether there are formatting issues. They put black and white pictures on the dust cover and on the soft cover and that will change because I sent color photos. Again, publisher error. Check everything!  Assume NOTHING.

ON THE DESK:  Finished the last Rowland book and have moved to the next one, SINS OF THE DEMON. This series rocks. The more I read, the more I care and am hooked. If you like urban fantasy with a touch of CSI stuff, this series is for you.

SOCIAL MEDIA: I’m on Facebook. The author page will be released later this week. I have lots of people to find and connect with, so help me to find you, please.


2 thoughts on “The Proofs are here!

  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    How can anyone mess up a cover by using b & w instead of color? Bummer. However, a MAJOR congrats on the journey so far. Savor those accomplishment chills, as eventually the process does tend to become ho-hum.
    As for finding me on FB, I have 2 pages, too. My “social” page is Rlb Hartmann, and my novel page is RLB Hartmann. I’m back online at home as of yesterday evening, so will certainly OK your friend request asap!

    • Sherry says:

      How can they mess up a picture? Because they thought that was all I had submitted, despite the fact that my instructions on that page, said “insert COLOR photo followed by….” Wouldn’t you ask about it if all you thought you had was a b&w photo? Well this is why there is a galley process, because as I was told, “they don’t read stuff, they just do.” In other words, I guess I am to glean that designers and formatters have no brains. Go figure!

      As was explained to me, you have to have two FB pages if you want one of them to be an author page. I will check you out later. Both of mine are Sherry Rentschler. I guess it will be confusing. Didn’t know.

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