Blog challenge day 2/updates

Continuing the Blog Challenge!

Day 2: List 10 of your favorite things, doesn’t have to be your most favorite, just ten things you like.

Okay, it wasn’t specified whether this should be food or what. So I’ve considered this carefully and decided I will go with the word “things” and just roll with it. In no particular order:

1. Moonlight of a full moon. There is something about that particular blue-silver color and the shine of a full moon that makes me romantic, frantic to write, wanting to watch an old black and white movie, needing to dance, wanting to talk to my Dad. So I wave at my father who I believe is sitting on every full moon that comes by.

2. A truly fine wine. Robust, dual-notes, hint of cherry. Best when shared.

3.  Chocolate. I really should have started with this one. I. Love. Chocolate. Dark. Creamy. Luscious. Godiva. Mmmmm.

4. A real, working, fireplace. Not gas. REAL. That means wood crackling. Not a wood-burning stove. A fireplace! I can stare at flames for hours. I LOVE to write beside a fire. I even have a fake one at home to simulate. It is romantic, inspiring, haunting.

5. A DEEP bathtub. Long soaks are wonderful and I have a picture window beside mine. The winter full moon rises where I can see it in Nov/Dec/Jan.

6. A very soft blanket for napping under. Okay, I’m a hedonist.

7.  A fine tip pen. I am particular and I have tossed many a pen away for it feeling “scratchy” when I write. And I write most of my prose and poetry by hand first. So a pen is very important. Quill, cartridge, gel, whatever. Fine tip.

8. Really good cartoons. I miss Saturday mornings when cartoons really rocked. Justice League, Batman, Pirates of Dark Water, Jonny Quest. Anyone remember Aeon Flux on MTV? A fav.

9. Led Zeppelin. When I want to rock, they are my go-to group. Always. Forever. Stairway to Heaven shall play at my wake.

10. Tova Perfume. My favorite.

ON THE DESK:  I finished the Diana Rowland book and I absolutely loved it. Now I’m reading Kevin Hearne’s HUNTED, sixth in his Iron Druid Chronicles. This is the next Jim Butcher. He rocks, too.  By the way I post my reviews on Goodreads. I hope you take time to have a look.

PUBLISHING NEWS: The final galleys are here and going back tomorrow. Two weeks after, author’s copy of the book IN HAND. Woo-hoo!

One last note.  I have the joy and privilege to have shared Robbie Cox with you here in this blog. If you aren’t reading his blog, you are missing a great, recent post. I’m putting a direct link here because I believe it is so relevant and on point to today’s writers that it deserves more attention.  This post concerns the editing process and you should read it. Trust me, please.