Blog Challenge Days 3, 4, 5!

I’m catching up! Here are the Blog Challenge Days 3-5. Enjoy!

Day 3 – Character Description in 500 words or less 

Jackalyly wasn’t particularly beautiful for a faerie, but she was the most stunning of them all. Lips made pink like baby’s lips, cheeks coral like a dawning, eyes so twilight purple that you gasp no matter how often you see them catch your eye and hair the color of dark caverns bathed in moonlight, so blue-black that the shimmer reminds you of a wet jaguar’s coat. More pixie than faerie, Jily (as her mother was wont to call her) also claimed small, shell like ears, so gently pointed as to defy notice. Her chin though, bespoke a stubborn streak, mirroring in her eyes when they flashed with white lightning. 

Jackalyly was delicate of bone, hands made for tweaking the colors of wildflowers but able enough to ride the heartiest dragonfly. Most of Jily was made up her legs and wings that enabled her to run swiftly as the doe as well as stretch tall to touch the tallest flowers. There was nothing singularly striking about Jily until how she appeared when shadowed by her magnificent wing. Shimmering with opalescent faerie dust in the most delicate hue of waxing moon silver, she appeared like water in a stream of constantly shifting hues. Sometimes she radiated the warmth of autumn in shades of burnt umber and jonquil gold, and then altered with a summer storm of grey, indigo, and mother-of-pearl white, then she smiled in contentment and sparkled in royal purple, neon teal, and a true blue. 

Dressed in the delicate fluff of unwished dandelions, and donning a cloak of dew-kissed spider’s lace, her bare feet pranced gracefully from leaf to twig, the ankle chime the only sound announcing her coming. Well, and the dulcet tones of bird song that hushed the trees with wonderment. 

No, Jackalyly wasn’t beautiful for a faerie but to the thicket she lived in, she was magnificent. And to the Giant Swallowtail who was her chosen carrier, she was a queen. Who could ask for a more perfect life? (words 332)

Day 4 – 10 things I wish were true but aren’t.

 1.  That all chocolate is not only good for you but is a major food group, too. 

2.  That we could travel from our home to our friends just by thinking about it. 

3.  That every home included a “family member” who was built in housekeeper.  

4.  That you could bottle moonlight and wear it like makeup, perfume, or clothes. 

5.  That alcohol didn’t make you drunk. 

6.  That my favorite pen never ran out of ink. 

7.  That we could pick the weather for the day over our own home. I write better when it is cold and wet and would “turn that on” for mood writing. (see 8) 

8.  That real working fireplaces could be portable for every room whenever you wanted it (and not burn you). 

9.  That all children are guaranteed a happy life for the first 18 years. 

10.  That agents/editors were more receptive to first time novelists.

Day 5 – Create a Superhero and describe him in 500 words or less. 

Pavement cracks! Water Barrels roll! Move over Flash, we have Interstate Moverman! Faster than a speeding VW more powerful than a dump truck, cooler than a rain puddle, Interstate Moverman is there when you are stuck in traffic. Just honk your horn and cry passionately, “move me!” Interstate Moverman will appear at your car’s hitch or hatch or trunk, lifting you however many lanes of traffic is necessary until you can reach the closest exit. Moverman is nothing if not understanding and patient, and has been known to carry fire trucks, ambulances and police cars for miles in wasteland when said vehicles were broken down, lost or trapped by obscene traffic.                                                                        

Moverman is unmistakable in his neon yellow tank top with nondescript brown pedal pushers. His camo boots with steel toes enable him to trespass through the toughest terrain, stride confidently over obstacles, and kick ass. Literally. His weapons are few but math was his favorite subject. He got steady D’s but he loved the vocabulary because it made him feel smarter. However, when it comes to calculating movement, he is The Man. If you are in trouble and need to move, Moverman can get you there in fewer moves than Bobby Fisher.  

Moverman is muscular yes, but the most striking feature about him is his hair — thick, wavy, concrete gray. Yep, he was born that way. With a stone jaw and a smile that screams, “yield!” Moverman is the man want. Whenever you want. 

He might have been rejected for membership in the Justice League (Superman actually sniggered), you will still find you need the Interstate Moverman. Just honk. Flash isn’t coming and neither is Batman. But the Moverman cares and he’s there, for you.


There!  Tomorrow I should be on track. Whew! 

Now, for the NEWS!  The book has gone to the publisher. I mean to be printed!! And Houston, we have liftoff!!! Woohoo!


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