I will NOT wish because…

DAY 6 Blog Challenge is:  If you only had three wishes what would they be? (no wishing for more wishes).

I’ve given this thought all day and I find myself torn by several questions. First, I have put my husband in the role of the genie who keeps asking me what I want to wish for.  At first, I laughed and then as the day wore on I took all this a bit more seriously.

Consider the potential power of three little wishes. Could you change the world? What would you change that would do the most good? How do you know that what you do would stay good and wouldn’t ultimately trigger something very bad? Do you do moral things or monetary ones?  Do you heal or give medicine for the long-term? What is the best approach?

Can you wish for knowledge so you will know?  But you can’t see the future. Do you wish for precognition?  And isn’t that like magic?  So do you become a wizard? How about a philosopher’s stone?  Or maybe you should deal in alchemy?  Can you change the universe this way? 

At what point does “doing” become “too much?”

Do you do something dorky like saying, “I wish for world peace!” and then watch the world fall into an apathetic apoplexy? Does taking away the struggle make us less likely to survive?

Three little wishes. Wow. There are so many implications.

So here is my answer:  I’ll get back to you. There is no easy answer and I’m not making any rash wishes. So, Genie, stand by. I’ll call you when I’m ready. I have the potential to change the world. And that is a scary thing.

Sorry, that’s the best I can do.

ON THE DESK:  I finished the Kevin Hearne novel, HUNTED. Short review on Goodreads if you want to see.  Praise for Hearne. Love him.  Next up, the Mortal Instruments series (because of the movie).  Yes, I know its more YA but hey, I adored the Harry Potter books! So, here’s hoping.

IN THE PEN:  Now that this book of poetry is done, I’m working on other projects like the book trailer and my mystery novel.  It was suggested that I do a second book of poetry for next fall and call it “Dead Bones.”  You know, I am considering it…

SOCIAL MEDIA:  I just want to make a comment about Twitter. Am I the only person out there who follows people because I want to without expecting them to follow me back? Oh sure I unfollow some people who don’t follow me.  But I do go out and seek to follow some folks just because I’m interested in them and I don’t get upset if they don’t follow me back.  However, it seems to me lately that it is all about “the follow.”  If you don’t immediately follow people, you get dropped like a hot potato. OR, once you follow them back, they take two days and then drop you, maybe hoping you won’t notice and stay with them. Ha. But honestly, what happened to just following because you care? Am I outmoded for thinking this?

GUEST BLOGGER:  New Guest selected! Who will SHE be?? Let me just say that she’s a very successful author. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “I will NOT wish because…

  1. Myas says:

    I just read your bit about Twitter… all this time I was getting a complex because i was dropped like a hot potato on a regular basis – sometimes I’d accept a follow and not have a follower – those have been the shortest lived relationships for me. It is all about the follow. I don’t know where I saw it, yes I remember, I received a follower request from someone who (besides ultimately dropping me) was advertising purchasing followers. I couldn’t believe it. I’ll build the hard way…

    Sherry, you’re right on,

  2. Myas says:

    When I first read this I had an apprehension about wishing – what first came to mind was the horror movie “The Wishmaker” (or it was Wishmaster) but he was evil in any case. The thing was, the wishes came out the way they did because they were made from selfishness or greed, along those lines. He was foiled finally but still. When I began writing I fell into micro-wishing as if I had reason to fear. I stopped, deleted my thoughts and remembered Barani from Sinbad, put what I could recall of the chant to invoke him in google and found a clip from the 7th Voyage of Sinbad on YouTube and the invocation in its entirety. I felt better about wishing and worked it out from there.

  3. RLB Hartmann says:

    I’ve had to block a few obnoxious followers for language and attitude; but that’s never going to happen with you, my friend.

  4. RLB Hartmann says:

    Following….followers….it gets a bit tiresome, once you’ve hit somewhere in the 300 range…on 3 different sites. I imagine many of the folks who started following me burned out during those periods when I completely forgot Twitter, or when there was an Internet outage and only emails got tended before they built up to headache proportions. Long silences on my part. Then with FB I see a similar pattern of neglect and attention. The newsfeed there shows me only a handful of the people I truly want to follow, so I have to make time to actively hunt them down…many times to find that there’s no real news on their fronts either.

    • Sherry says:

      I try to meet and follow 5-10 new people every week and I carefully consider the ones who follow me. I do not auto-follow. If I see cussing or crudeness, obscenities or over the top stuff (G rated preferred unless the thread is protected), then I pass. If there is nothing but constant re-tweets. I pass. If there is no picture but only an “egg” avatar. I pass. And so on. I try for people who are interesting, who care about others, who offer something of themselves to the people. Maybe that makes me hard to get along with??

      Anyway, I’m glad you followed me. What a wonderful gift you were and are! 🙂

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