Challenge Day 7 – Say what??

BLOG CHALLENGE Day 7 – Make up a language, what would it be called, who would speak it and where do they live?

Dark, dark, darker still, let in the night and drink your fill,
Then turn your head, don’t blink an eye, the shimmerlings are nigh!
The shimmerdyns, the moon singers, silver spinners, come!
Moon hummers, silver spinners, eaters of the son and sun.

Dkar dkar, ebetok anoy. (Here, here, they come now).

The Shimmerdyns are a race kin to the Ancient Elves, the Alfar, but they left Earth long ago for the cold isolation of the Moon. They cannot exist long on Earth because of the gravitational pull that actually causes them pain, the dense oxygen of the earth, and the heat to them is like a disease.  They are the creatures protecting the moonlight, giving it silver shimmer (hence our nickname for them, the shimmerlings.  They need little air, finding enough minerals and oxygen within the Moon to give them all they need.  Their numbers are few (less than 2000 now) and dwindling.  They have come to Earth to begin the Nykwid, the Choosing. From Earth each century, the shimmerlings will choose one dozen select humans for mating with males and females. Six men and six women are chosen from all the Earth. Of all the world, their blood (camada) will show a special “moon gene” (bogwaph) that makes them a perfect match and will ensure continuation of their race. But they rush against time for their numbers are rapidly failing.

The shimmerlings have a saying, “kedisq looa anoy ev anoy jdo wywn.  Roughly, it means: We bring today and today we live forever.  Translation, We will do what we must to survive.

And once a month, in the silver shimmer of the moonlight, they come, they search.  Once a century, they take. They don’t call it a Blood Moon for nothing. Problem is, there are many Blood Moons. Hard to know which one is the bloodiest.

They call themselves Robaghcamadvy. Roughly it means, Moon Blood Carters. But to us, when we finally see them, their tall visages shimmer in the pale blue of full moonlight.

Neither good nor evil, twin to ages old angels and daemons, the Shimmerdyns merely are. To be chosen is an honor. Life as a Shimmerdyn means a millenia of peace and stillness (aotbeh).


I am enjoying the blog challenge. It is difficult but the test of my imagination is rewarding and my Muse appreciates being poked. Rather like Facebook for Muses, eh?

Another challenge I enjoy every year is the Tour de France. Do you watch?  I have enjoyed it for a dozen years and have learned the nuances and politics of the peloton, that is, the group of bike riders in the race. And I enjoy watching strategies unfold, cleverness and team dynamics. Every year during July, this is my little private indulgence.

What’s yours?

(P.S. didn’t anyone like my Interstate Moverman? I’m graveled.)