Challenge 9 &10: Villians & July

Day 9: Create a villain and describe them in 500 words or less

 First, you feel it in your soul, a deep unbalance that you can’t explain. Awareness follows, telling you that something is there, something you can’t see, something you sense more than feel. It chills you with a coldness falling from the sky, not of the earth. You look up, searching for answers, trying to reason out why you feel this terrible foreboding. Finally, you smell a strange sweetness, as if wildflowers just bloomed in the early spring. You think this may be good but your sixth sense warns you, “danger!” Suddenly, there, lingering just out of range of your vision is a shimmering, a glimmer of a being. You squint, attempting to focus but it remains oddly vague and confusing. Still, you know there is wrongness in the air, and before you can process any further, a shape materializes before you. Beautiful, delicate, beyond ethereal. This is a sylph. However, not just any sylph, this woman, daughter of Gaia, was poisoned by smog, ozone, carbon emissions, and nuclear waste. There is a gray cast to the shimmering, a hint of oily sheen visible only in the direct sun.  

This sylph is Gaia’s hitman. She seeks vengeance on all humans. Indiscriminate, her vacant soulless eyes offer no mercy, no empathy. If you are caught, her chill is paralyzing, her justice immediate and unmerciful.  

Aesta wasn’t always like this. Once, long ago, she was a wood nymph. She fell in love with a young undine. Together they romped as young lovers do, splashing about in pure clear streams. He fed the roots of her home; his love nourished her heart. She kept him clear and strong. One day a human came. He cut down her beloved tree and Aesta fell into the clear stream. Her lover kept her safe, cradled in his arms and salvaging a large branch from her tree. But she couldn’t stay in the water and he had to place her on the land. Without her nourishing home, she dried up and her dust went into the air. Gaia took pity on her and made her a sylph.  

Her sorrow was just beginning. While she transitioned to a sylph, the human built his factory, spilled foulness into the clear water and her lover choked to death on toxins. When Aesta returned to the water by her felled tree, she found but a hint of her lover in the cracks of the shore. He was gone forever. Gaia wept new tears but Aesta consumed the gray storms and they became her furious heart.  

Her lust for death to all humans is a terror. She is sought by the other elementals but she means to destroy the humans from her beloved Mother Earth before she is captured. (456 words)


Day 10: List 5 things you like about July and 5 things you dislike 


1.  At month’s end, 3 and 1/2 months til I decorate for Christmas
2.  Staying inside gives me lots of time for reading & movies
3.  Don’t have to diet because I ate a lot of salads and sandwiches and no heavy stuff
4.  Always look forward to homemade ice cream during the 4th (see 5)
5.  Fireworks for America’s birthday (and sparklers!)


1. HOT
2. Kids out of school crowd malls/amusements
3. Wasps/Bees/Ants
4. Days are too long/nights too short
5. The heat makes me very uninspired


3 thoughts on “Challenge 9 &10: Villians & July

  1. Myas says:

    The university and colleges here have made students their golden idol. Students don’t respect much these days. After 25 years I’m still considered and outsider. On top of it the demographics have changed, some say because of Katrina, but whatever the reason the place has become more uncivilized.

    I love it when we resemble a midwestern ghost town – I’d welcome a tumbleweed or two…

  2. Myas says:

    I have an advantage in July that more than half the population leaves town…

    • Sherry says:

      Oh I guess that means you like the solitary feel of it? I wish half the folks here would disappear. Temporarily anyway. It thins out in early August when the threat of school looms large again, but by then its the Dog Days and no one wants to be out.

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